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Novatel NovaDrive cloud-based unlimited storage preview (Engadget)

Mar 28th 2010 2:55AM I am trying to upload 1.3G from here in Australia and it says it will take 977 hours and the figure is actually climbing. I'm on ADSL so this is a) crazy, b)useless.


Novatel NovaDrive cloud-based unlimited storage preview (Engadget)

Mar 27th 2010 8:23PM From what I can see it appears as though this is using Nomadesk - so just a rebranding. All features look the same. So nothing new here, please drive on.

PowerHouse eMonitor lets you manage power use down to the circuit (Engadget)

Mar 8th 2010 4:11PM This is an interesting article in The Economist about cutting energy
usage and therefore costs. It discusses PassivEnergy a product to
monitor and smartly reduce power usage.

The article comments are equally interesting, with many saying you are better off "greening" your home to reduce energy use up front instead of after the event. I completely agree with this, but feel there is
room for both.

I'll definitely be looking into power use monitoring in when I build our new house. It is also interesting that both Google and Microsoft have power monitoring software/hardware now.


Use iBreadcrumbs to retrace your steps on the web (Download Squad)

Jun 15th 2008 6:42AM Surfulater lets you permanently save content from web pages and complete web pages to Knowledge Bases stored on your local PC. You can edit the content, add notes, tag it, cross reference to other saved content, publish content to the Web, access saved content from other applications like Word Documents, use full text search to find saved content and lots more. You can also used it as a PIM with a range of templates including Contacts, ToDo, Music, Clipboard, Notes and more. It works with Firefox version 1, 2 & 3 and IE6 and 7. More information and a free trial are available at For the latest news and pre-release access see

Read it Later - Firefox add-on of the day (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2007 4:29PM In both IE and Firefox you can use Surfulater to permanently save interesting web content, edit it, add notes, attach files, organize and find information and more. See

Dev Chair : Version control for beginners (Download Squad)

Feb 28th 2007 3:21PM "Get up and running with TortoiseSVN and Subversion in 15 minutes" helps anyone who is interested in setting up a version control system using Subversion hit the ground running.

It covers the problem areas I faced when trying to setup subversion and ensures the reader doesn't have to jump over the same hurdles I did.

Lots of people keep putting off establishing a proper version control system, but with free tools like Subversion and TortoiseSVN, along with my article they no longer have an excuse.


ActiveWords - The most useful utility I'm no longer using (Download Squad)

Jul 22nd 2006 6:18PM Will the day come that we get free car servicing, free bread, free electricity. I don't think so. So why should the "profession" of commercial software development be any different.

90 something percent of free software never goes anywhere, is unsupported and mostly crap. It is very difficult to put food on the table by working for free. And it is very hard to stay focused and produce anything of quality without the appropriate sustenance. My guess is that you'll find a lot of free software is developed while people are employed to be doing other work. Think public servants for example. And who pays their salaries?

IMO software development is on the path to self destruction as folks that can no longer sustain their businesses close the doors, putting more people in the job queue. Yes we live in a free market economy, but is this truly what folks want to happen.

Google Notebook goes live (Download Squad)

May 18th 2006 4:43PM I prefer to have my data where I can get my hands on it (and others can?t), so I use Surfulater

With Surfulater I can:
- Access ccontent without being connected to the Net.
- Carry it around on a USB stick.
- Annotate and edit content.
- Link related content together.
- Find text fast with full text search
- Quickly and easily organize content.
- Have the same record in as many folders as I want.
- Access content as it is in XML.
- Publish content (E-mail, Web coming soon)
- Attach PDF, Word Docs, ZIP files etc. to content.
- Use HTML Templates for record UI.
- Captures content from any Windows app as well as the Web.
- Import Bookmarks
- Have many databases open at once.
- Work quickly.

Note however that I?m the developer of Surfulater so I?m a little biased.

Roll your own Bill Gates workflow for free (Download Squad)

Apr 22nd 2006 6:17PM For Note taking, clipping content from Web pages and from Windows Apps, saving web pages and bookmarks and generally keeping found things found, give our product, Surfulater a try. It is similar to OnFolio, a product the MS recently bought out, but doesn't include an RSS reader. See

Microsoft swallows Onfolio (Download Squad)

Mar 14th 2006 6:16AM A somewhat belated response but you might be interested in taking our product, Surfulater, for a spin. It works with Firefox and IE and lets you save anything you see on the Web or on your PC, organize, edit, search, cross reference, attach files and more.

It is very easy to use, stores content in XML, uses HTML templates to let you use it as a PIM and enables you to carry your information around on a USB stick.

Free trial available at Blog at

If anyone has any questions or suggestions please do let me know.