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Simple, Free Drive Space Monitoring With Tray Disk Free (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2008 7:13PM That utility does a decent job and is free, but it still has a number of bugs that limit its usefulness:

- You can launch multiple instances to monitor multiple drives, but there is no indication as to which task bar icon corresponds to which drive. If you want to, say, display the C drive icon before (to the left of) the D drive icon, you must launch the D drive instance before C

- The command-line option to select color pairs does not work as described. It accepts only one character after "%", not two. Furthermore, the selected color is ignored. Basically, you only get a light gray/dark gray bar if you specify any color, and a default green/gray bar if you don't specify any color

- The left side of the bar represents the free space and the right side of the bar represents the used space. This is counter-intuitive, as a disk drive is usually visualized as filling up from left to right

- The numerical display of free space contains a useless leading zero that only makes it harder to interpret. For example, 37GB is displayed as "037" instead of simply "37"

- The reported free space does not include a unit. For example, a 37GB-free hard disk is reported as "037" whereas a 1MB-free floppy disk is reported as "001." I assume that if my hard disk had only 60MB free, it would be reported as "060," which could be ambiguously interpreted as 60GB. Things might get even more confusing with terabyte drives

- When you terminate the applicatrion (right-click the task bar icon and select Quit) you frequently get a useless error message (Run-time error '53': File not found).

I hope the author can correct those issues. In the mean time, though, that utility is still useful for certain applications, and it is better than many others.

Simple, Free Drive Space Monitoring With Tray Disk Free (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2008 6:37PM Jash, this utility is actually very useful if you intend to capture or rip a huge file (from, say, a video cam or a personal DVD) and you want to know at a glance which hard drive(s) has room for it before you lunch an application that could crash much later due to lack of space. It is faster to glance at the task bar monitor than having to open the My Computer icon and checking the property of (or hovering over) individual HDD icons. Like all such utilities, it becomes useful when it saves steps in an operatrion that you perform frequently.