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Mac OS X Lion Time Machine capable of 'Local Snapshots' without external hard drive (Download Squad)

Feb 28th 2011 8:05AM @Sebastian Anthony

I haven't experienced this issue myself...but we're still in the first beta. Could be a simple bug.

Mac OS X Lion: the multi-touch offspring of Windows 7 and iOS (Download Squad)

Feb 25th 2011 10:42AM @Aemony

You can use many applications out there to mimic this functionality. Personally, I use Cinch. Which works with dual monitors.

Mac OS X Lion: the multi-touch offspring of Windows 7 and iOS (Download Squad)

Feb 25th 2011 10:40AM @Sebastian Anthony

I can't honestly say much because I used to ride the "Apple is crap" bandwagon myself before I somehow ended up in front of one for an extended period of time. Now I don't know how I ever enjoyed using a computer.

The point I try to get across when it comes to you is that write up an article on OS X/Apple with the intention of it carrying a certain tone...

I'm not asking you to gush over Apple...just to report the facts and leave the opinion out. Either that or research the talking points. You can certainly use my email if you want to collaborate.

And to bring up one last point. Microsoft HAS said, even though it retracted the statement, that it gets inspiration from OS X. And you can't deny that the new Windows taskbar is the offspring of the OS X dock. And they both have their plus and minuses.

Here's an article about it:

Mac OS X Lion: the multi-touch offspring of Windows 7 and iOS (Download Squad)

Feb 25th 2011 9:57AM I'm not quite sure why Sebastian is allowed to write articles on OS X and Apple. His posts always reak of smart-ass.

Mission Control, what you call a rip off of Aero Flip is actually your biggest mistake. Aero Flip is nothing more than a rip off of Expose...which is what Mission Control has graduated from.

As for searching...Spotlight is the answer and has been for ages...even before MS put that all encompassing search box in the start menu. Command+Space for fast access to anything.

I've been in IT for 12 years now and have recently moved to Macs(about two years ago). I just don't understand why anyone wouldn't want a machine that just works. I work on Windows all day at the office and it's definitely a breath of fresh air to come home and not have to fight it there.

I love this site for most of its content...but these Sebastian articles are getting to be WAY too much...

Trend Micro thinks Android's open source makes it less secure than iOS; wrong! (Download Squad)

Jan 13th 2011 3:34PM Another thing you're forgetting is Android's closed-ness until the OS is dropped.

Firefox home arrives in iTunes store, apparently contains naughty content (Download Squad)

Jul 19th 2010 7:16AM What you don't understand is that those warnings aren't for you...their for the kids.

I love that I can set my daughters iPod to not allow them and then block Safari and don't have to worry so much about where she's browsing and what she's playing around with.

Crush the Castle 2 is an addictive, destructive physics Time Waster (Download Squad)

Jul 6th 2010 3:37PM Any game is better than coma...this included.

Just finished Coma, and besides the sweet visuals when you can actually SEE a level, the game was full of fail.