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First beta download of Avast 5.0 free antivirus released [gallery] (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2009 7:41PM Well, it certainly LOOKS nice. Curious to hear more about performance as it matures.

BackupURL creates, archives web snapshots (Download Squad)

Feb 24th 2009 7:30PM Working now. I backed up all my websites. Neat tool!

ADrive lets you store 50GB of files online for free (Download Squad)

Feb 11th 2009 10:47PM I always want to support these services, but I've been burned too many times but spending time uploading files to web storage and then having the company shut down (and take my files with it).

Xoom, X Drive, Yahoo Briefcase, and many more I'm forgetting.

2 web pages, 1 tab - Google Chrome Dual View (Download Squad)

Nov 8th 2008 2:16PM Beating a dead horse I know, but oh hi it's Opera again, your long lost cousin who's had this feature forever and it's built-in.

CDBurnerXP Portable: Disc burning app for your USB flash drive (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2008 5:18PM I don't know if it's just me or what, but I burn more coasters with CDBurnerXP than any other burning app I've ever tried. I've installed in on XP Pro, XP Home, and now Vista. Same story every time. I seriously don't get all the hype.

StumbleUpon relaunches: No browser toolbar necessary (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2008 11:12AM I see the demo toolbar when I click on one of the sites on the front page (I am logged in). I don't see anyway to stumble while logged in without the toolbar though.

This doesn't look like a big change. There have been bookmarklets ( around for a while the provided this same functionality.

This article is misleading. :(

StumbleUpon relaunches: No browser toolbar necessary (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2008 11:04AM When is this rolling out? I just checked but there is no mention of no-toolbar stumbling and no Javascript toolbar appears on any of the pages.