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VIDEO: Iacocca Mustang commercial debuts with Frank Sinatra, hand brake turns (Autoblog)

Aug 12th 2009 5:41PM Only 45?!

Damn, what to sell that will make me buy one of these?

I would love to have this car.

(Plus, nothing beats a winning combo of Frank Sinatra and a sexy car.)

Schwarzenegger: No internet sales tax in California, please stick around Amazon (Download Squad)

Jul 7th 2009 11:39AM I'm from California, and not to make this a political discussion, but I find it noble that he doesn't want to raise taxes in our state.

The state has already begun handing out IOUs because the state legislature can't get a budget out. Reading that Twitter comment above is just hillarious.

If there's something about running a city or a state and how it resembles Sim City in many ways, you can raise revenue without raising taxes. You just have to be smart on which programs to cut or remove without be vilified or criticized for doing so. And, the first and most important thing to do is gradually pay off any loans the city or state owes. As soon as that is paid off, you find ways to make revenue. In Sim City, I know it may be a bad example, selling excess water, trash capacity, and/or power to neighboring cities helped increase revenue.

Let's see, California is in a drought so water is something we can't do, and increasing trash capacity would have the environmentalist on our ass. However, you can see the point I'm trying to make.

I wouldn't mind seeing run for governor again. He wasn't the greatest, but he is thinking more about us, especially when he doesn't want to raise taxes. Now, only if the State Legislature can start working together instead of apart to get a budget drafted and put the State towards economic recovery.

What's New Is Old Again: 2010 Ford Taurus launching with incentives (Autoblog)

Jun 20th 2009 12:55AM I'm just tired of small sedans now and been looking for a larger, more powerful vehicle. I've only driven one V6 in my life and that's my 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. But, a bigger, more powerful sedan is what I'm looking for next.

The Taurus definitely looks like the perfect fit.

What's New Is Old Again: 2010 Ford Taurus launching with incentives (Autoblog)

Jun 19th 2009 7:44PM What's worst is that I have to decide: 2010 Taurus or 2010 Fusion?

Decisions, decisions.

The Taurus is such a gorgeous looking automobile-- much more improved over the previous Taurus in every single way. The same applies to the Fusion-- much better design, technology and efficiency over the older model.

If I had the money, I'd get both. LOL

But, most likely I'll be getting the Taurus since it's a bit bigger than the Fusion and fits what I need. Something I thought I wouldn't say a long time ago, but I'm glad I waited and didn't buy a new Honda Accord. It's going to take Honda some time to come up with an answer against the Taurus.

Futuremark gets into browser benchmarking with Peacekeeper (Download Squad)

Apr 20th 2009 5:43PM 301 in FF 3.0.8

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ BE
Windows Vista 64-bit
4096 MB RAM
A bunch of plugins on it.

Screen Grabs: Nelly Yuki sees Yale acceptance email on BlackBerry Storm (Engadget)

Mar 21st 2009 4:38PM And, since when does a University send acceptance emails?

I thought it's all done by letters. Also, as someone said above, obvious photo manipulation tools is obvious. >_>

Adobe Acrobat bug more dangerous than originally thought (Download Squad)

Mar 6th 2009 3:44AM I use Foxit Reader but for PDF creation and editing, I use Adobe Acrobat.

With this exploit, I don't know any other good PDF editor/creator I can use in place of Acrobat.

Video: ASUS Eee Stick demoed at CeBIT (Engadget)

Mar 4th 2009 7:38PM I smell lawsuit too.

This is too much like the Wii in many ways.

Chicago 2009: City of big shoulders... and big smiles (Autoblog)

Feb 13th 2009 3:51AM I don't know about you guys, but I like #2 of 10. >_>

World of WarCraft lead designer moves to unknown Blizzard MMO (Joystiq)

Feb 12th 2009 6:03PM I expect this in 10+ years...

"Starcraft: Online (Previously known as Starcraft: Ghost)"