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Calgoo lets you take Google Calendar offline (Download Squad)

Aug 30th 2006 2:06AM Hi Jason:

Another option, although admitidly not objective, is to use AirSet

You can create free shared calendars (and contacts and lists) and get two-way sync with both Outlook and Palm. Also free. You can even export as iCal from Google Calendar and import it into AirSet.

You can also take it one step further and have everything then sync with your mobile phone via a BREW client download from Verizon Wireless and -- very soon -- a Java client for other carriers like Sprint PCS and Cingular. So, you could update events on your mobile and sync them to Outlook or Palm -- yours or anybody in one of your AirSet groups. Enables you to backup your mobile data to a web service too.

Hope you'll give it a look.

Patrick Hurley
Airena Inc. / AirSet

Hanna Barbera cereal boxes (AdJab - Awaiting Deletion)

Jul 10th 2006 3:11PM Thanks for the link, Adam.

My father worked for Kellogg Company for nearly 40 years, including creating its international division and playing a large role in its marketing. We often got to test cereal prototypes in advance and get first dibs on the cool premiums (I was especially enthralled with the Banana Splits stuff).

I remember a lot of the boxes featured, including the OK's box. If I remember correctly, Kellogg's wanted a brand to compete against Cheerios. It decided to create an oat-based cereal, use the same machines that we're stamping out "O's" for Froot Loops and Apple Jacks, throw in some "K's" and voila, "OK's" were born.

It flopped. After it was discontinued, I think they used the excess capacity it freed up to launch Coco Hoots, which also tanked.