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Haunted Houses Back In St Louis To Kick Off Halloween Season (Gadling)

Oct 6th 2012 8:25AM LOVE The Darkness! We went there two years ago and visited it and absolutely loved it. Went with my wife and two friends and we were all very freaked out, the two girls even crying towards the end of it. Would love to go back and check it out again some time. Wish I knew if there was one like that in Austin/Dallas.

Why Do I Continue To Patronize Crap 'Mexican' Restaurants Around The World? (Gadling)

Jun 20th 2012 1:21AM I've been in Korea for the past 9 months and haven't found a single Mexican joint anywhere (outside of Taco Bell on post... but that obviously doesn't count).

World's Highest Roller Coaster Opens In Colorado (Gadling)

Jun 20th 2012 1:08AM lol waiver required... are you serious?

Photo Of The Day: Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge (Gadling)

May 25th 2012 2:23AM Sorry guys but is that really the best picture you could get for this story? You have more of the land in focus than (basically any) of the bridge itself. And then there's the sky... Couldn't be the only one who had to reload the image three times to make sure it was the real deal.

10 St. Patrick's Day alternatives to Dublin, Ireland (Gadling)

Feb 26th 2012 9:03PM lol figures I'll be home on leave for this event... Seoul's sounds pretty amazing from what I've heard. Oh well, Phoenix's shouldn't be too bad, I'd hope.

Love dogs? Check out Bau Haus dog cafe in Seoul, South Korea (Gadling)

Dec 29th 2011 11:22PM How far is this from Yongson? I'm heading down there for the weekend from Dongducheon and would love to stop by here, lol.

A Traveler in the Foreign Service: Can a guy who didn't get high get a security clearance? (Gadling)

Dec 23rd 2011 6:13AM I wonder how quickly this post popped up on gov't watching computers with the words "radical" and "jihad" back to back like that, lol.

10 best destinations to take a hot air balloon ride (Gadling)

Dec 1st 2011 9:29PM I grew up in Temecula, leaving in my early 20's and never once rode in a hot air balloon... hopefully next time I'm back there I can finally get that in (as well as wine tasting tours).

Photo of the day - Seoul Lantern Festival (Gadling)

Nov 19th 2011 10:37PM :(

I wanted to go but couldn't find anyone to go along with me... All these other soldiers would rather play Skyrim, CoD or BF than go out and explore while stationed over here.

A Subjective Guide to the Budget Hotels of the Orient (Gadling)

Sep 19th 2011 7:30PM Israel and Egypt are in the orient?

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