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TeamViewer Beta 6 is now out, remote control freaks rejoice (Download Squad)

Nov 20th 2010 8:57PM I personally don't see initially creating an account as being part of the remote control process... but I did mention that you have to login to a website, which of course would assume an account.

This still seems much much easier to do than what it takes to do the same thing with TV. I'm open to someone explaining to me how that is not the case... I feel like I am missing something... but every time I ask, like I did here, all I get is defensive replies or accusations.

TeamViewer Beta 6 is now out, remote control freaks rejoice (Download Squad)

Nov 17th 2010 2:20PM I've asked this question a few times on this site when Teamviewer posts are made, and I have yet to get an explanation. Why would you ever use this over Logmein? It seems like one of those things where people are intentionally choosing a product that is less convenient to use.

Unless I am missing something, it works out like this for me...

To remote control a computer:

TeamViewer = download application on computer 1, download application on computer 2, ask person at computer 2 for an ID number, record that somewhere for future use, initiate a connection, enter that ID number, remotely control their computer.

Logmein = download application on computer 2, login to website, click on their computer icon, control computer.

Camtasia 7.1 giveaway and video review (Download Squad)

Nov 15th 2010 8:07PM A copy of this would be very helpful to my Non Profit organization.

Screenshot Tour: Sleep Bot for Android helps you monitor your sleeping habits (Download Squad)

Oct 2nd 2010 12:13PM Love the idea of these apps. Problem is always that when I "go" to sleep and when I actually "fall" asleep varies way too much night to night for them to give me any accurate info.

5 must-have back-to-school apps for your computer and smartphone (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2010 11:37PM I don't know if it is more reliable, but I find it infinitely easier to use. Free browser based remote control, so no need to remember/use computer ID numbers to connect to your machines.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2 beta now available for download (Download Squad)

Jul 21st 2010 12:26PM Really wish I could install this on my business PC's.

Windows tip: How to remove Skype from the taskbar (Download Squad)

Jun 8th 2010 6:08PM Ha, I actually want it to stay on my taskbar. But can see how that would be annoying as all hell if you didn't.

In terms of things I want Skype to stop doing... I want it to stop crashing every other time it is opened.

Is anyone having success running Skype on Win7 64? I have tried everything, on a dozen different computers throughout the office, and the same thing happens. It will crash and then refuse to reopen. Only a reboot will coax it back open.

Google outlaws Windows, but what if Microsoft outlaws Google...? (Download Squad)

Jun 1st 2010 9:22AM "This is yet another example of Microsoft unduly paying the price for old installations of Windows and Internet Explorer 6 -- something the CIO at Google should be held accountable for, not Microsoft."

That is an excellent point Sebastian. If a hack originating from my organization was due to an IE6 installation... I wouldn't be getting rid of Windows in my offices, I'd be getting rid of the person responsible for the computers in my offices. This comes off to me as a misdirection play on this CIO's part.

Firefox Friday Five: 3.6.4, 4.0, add-ons, tips and how Firefox is still miles ahead of Chrome (Download Squad)

May 29th 2010 1:05PM Geek here, one that is in charge of the browsers on 100+ computers.

I moved from Firefox to Chrome (personally, and on the machines I support) not because of any single feature, and certainly not due to any loyalty or ideology.

Chrome simply ran faster and caused less problems for me and my employees. I have the support ticket data to back this up.

In particular, the Firefox tab memory leak that people keep telling me was addressed several versions ago was STILL hitting about 1 in 5 of my installs. After a few hours and several open and closed tabs Firefox would be eating up every ounce of system memory. No such problem with Chrome.

Beats me. All I know is I haven't fielded a browser related support request since the change.

Short of Chrome having similar troubles, I can't imagine switching back... but I do look forward to testing out these new releases. Especially the 64 bit.

Skype lands on Verizon's BlackBerry and Android handsets this Thursday (Download Squad)

Mar 24th 2010 12:20PM I have yet to own a cell phone whose connection and speaker/microphone are worth using for anything other than mobile communications. I have an Android right now, I would never ever use this thing for voice communications if a land line or computer were handy instead.