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Dress of the day - Milly belted short sleeve dress (StyleList (Main))

Sep 26th 2008 1:26AM excellent choice. seriously, this is the great example of short sleeve shirt that can get a little dressed up (to a extent) or down depending upon what you’re going for.. and its cut well.


Mistrial for RIAA's first file-sharing victory (Download Squad)

Sep 26th 2008 1:16AM We always thought that the RIAA's first-ever filesharing trial victory against Jammie Thomas was a little suspect since the labels weren't required to prove that Thomas even had Kazaa installed on her machine or was the person using the account in question, and it looks like the court agrees -- it's just declared a mistrial and set aside the $222,000 judgment on the grounds that simply making copyrighted works available for download does not constitute copyright infringement. That's a huge decision -- the "making available" theory is the basis for most of the RIAA's legal arguments -- and it means that the RIAA will now have to prove the unauthorized transfer of each song it wants to collect damages on at the new trial. We'll see what effect this has in the broader sense -- we've got a feeling we're in for a slew of appellate decisions on both sides of the "making available" debate -- but for now it looks like the good guys are finally starting to score some points.

Fear the Bloomberg Bozo (

Sep 26th 2008 1:11AM GameAgent also offers an Extended Download Service for an additional fee of $4.99. Basically, what this does is give you the right to re-download the game anytime within two years. So, if you have a hard drive crash and no back-up, you can download again. One downside is that the game is locked to your computer, so you can only play them on the machine they were downloaded on. If you want to re-download the games on a new computer, you must purchase the EDS service when you buy the game. Even then, a given serial number can only be activated three times.

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Samsung spits out second 8-megapixel mobile, christens it "Pixon" (Engadget)

Sep 26th 2008 12:49AM i just love that phone. it’s so cool! i have one…you’ll be amazed by its capability to aid you in creating your own sound files..even with background music using a guitar or keyboard…and you could play songs while using any application except if the application needs to play a different sound…and so handy…so many shortcuts buttons…so amazing.

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Bike blog: Two Portlanders cycle South America (Gadling)

Sep 10th 2008 10:47AM Most Portlanders assume that they need a car, and our conscious choice not to have one is hard for them to understand. A colleague at work jokingly calls me a "wacky Communist biker guy," and many who see me riding to work in a coat and tie probably have similar thoughts. A stranger once asked me if I had lost my license for "too many DWIs." Amanda's mother offered to buy us a car, assuming that money was the issue. Cars are a powerful symbol of freedom in our society, and not owning one isn't just odd, it's
perceived as a real hardship

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