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Found Footage: SNL parodies Steve Jobs again (TUAW.com)

Mar 1st 2010 2:57PM A link that works for the rest of the WORLD please

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway Day 0 - Razer Lachesis mouse (WoW)

Nov 14th 2008 12:10AM I can haz mouse?

Collector's Edition back on sale for $129.79 at Amazon (WoW)

Nov 7th 2008 4:10PM What about the EU version?

Breakfast Topic: How are you buying Wrath of the Lich King? (WoW)

Nov 7th 2008 4:07PM since I am in Saudi Arabia and no official Blizzard launch here, I asked my friend in the UK to buy it for me, he emails me the KEY and I download it...

CBS begins adding full length TV shows to YouTube (Download Squad)

Oct 11th 2008 5:04PM "This video is not available in your country."
yawn, BT/etc is more useful, sorry CBS, better luck next time..

Warcraft Outsiders hosts WoW Insider (WoW)

Oct 2nd 2008 1:36PM Sweet, a new WoW podcast :)

iPhone in 29 new countries; unlocked in Hong Kong (TUAW.com)

Sep 26th 2008 2:59PM Saudi Arabia is still waiting for the iPhone 3G deal, but, thanks to the fine folk at Hong-Kong/Australia/etc stores are already importing gray market iPhones and selling them before any official deal.
Apple needs to make a deal with any of the 3 carriers Saudi Arabia; STC, Zain and Mobily. All 3 have a 3.5G network already covering the country.
I bought a first gen US iPhone and unlocked it, unfortunately I will do it again with the iPhone 3G because I cannot wait for official release as there are no announced plans!