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Windows Phone 7 remote lock and wipe, find my phone features pictured (Download Squad)

Sep 4th 2010 10:09AM these features have been avaiable in MyPhone for something like a year now. I used it back on 6.1, and now 6.5

Why I was completely wrong about Google and net neutrality (Download Squad)

Aug 14th 2010 10:57PM don't ever go into politics because politicians are never wrong about anything, so you clearly aren't cut out for it. that said, i appreciate the self-reflective insight.

Twitter activity at all-time low, only 17% of users actually tweet (Download Squad)

Jan 28th 2010 3:10PM i dont use twitter, but funny how this post has 344 "retweets", but only 13 facebook "shares"

YouTube offers rentals, turns on HTML5-only switch in TestTube (Download Squad)

Jan 21st 2010 11:26AM "unevil" google is pulling a microsoft -- making sure its features only work on its products (they throw in safari cuz they know no-one uses it). so much for the whole china ploy.

Border security guards kill -- literally kill -- a MacBook (update: video!) (Engadget)

Dec 15th 2009 2:54PM @zedster
the first thing anyone told me when i went to Israel was:

If you leave your bag unattended IT WILL GET BLOWN UP!

it's very simply a different reality.

With Yahoo and MySpace rolling over, Facebook wins the social network war (Download Squad)

Dec 5th 2009 4:08PM "MySpace are linking up with Facebook Connect"

"myspace is..." or "myspace and facebook are..."

Google unveils new homepage: did you even notice? (Download Squad)

Dec 3rd 2009 1:36PM delete ur cookies (or at least any from google), and walla!

Microsoft releases Windows 7 Family Guy clips, horrifies world (Download Squad)

Nov 29th 2009 3:35PM the spelling bee was hilarious.

but the one with stewie as president, seriously microsoft, are you really trying to reinforce your image as the evil monopolistic behemoth that is trying to control everyone's life (even if not true).

Engadget's Black Friday giveaway, part six: win an HTC HD2! (Engadget)

Nov 27th 2009 2:38PM this would be SOOOOO awesome!