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ShutDownGuard tells Windows where to stick automatic restarts (Download Squad)

Nov 14th 2008 3:34PM yawn* apparently I made a mistake... where I put update, I meant restart. this key I posed prevents restarts after updates. I apologize to all the humans who cant forgive a typo or a simple mistake, and must actually comment to what I said... funny I have so much to say to these average computer users but I'd rather keep my dignity.

ShutDownGuard tells Windows where to stick automatic restarts (Download Squad)

Nov 14th 2008 12:01PM you have much to learn, theres a way to prevent automatic updates, but you gotta go into the registry to do that.

go to registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU

Create a new 32-bit DWORD value named NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers with a value of 1.

And thats it, no software needed

Linux-style window dragging in Windows with AltDrag (Download Squad)

Nov 12th 2008 8:35PM or.. you can simply right click the program in the taskbar, choose move, then press one of the arrow keys on the kayboard and move your mouse, you'll notice the programs/window move with the mouse.

2 web pages, 1 tab - Google Chrome Dual View (Download Squad)

Nov 6th 2008 5:33PM never heard of that addon for firefox, thanks.

Free Comodo Internet Security is here - screenshot tour (Download Squad)

Oct 31st 2008 11:51AM Hm... I gave it a try knowing how aweful windows firewall is, and it seems quitee nice, the only thing I really hate is the constant notifying when a change in the registry or anything is made. I'ma keep it tho!

Our brand-new hotness (Download Squad)

Oct 30th 2008 8:55AM not bad layout. i dunno wat else to say, seriously i dont, but still good job.

Adam's Favorite Windows Apps: Trillian (Download Squad)

Oct 19th 2008 2:06PM lol i cant believe how many people actually like pidgins primitive services...

PicPick is a powerful, free way to take and edit screenshots (Download Squad)

Oct 19th 2008 1:53PM tried it out and i gotta say i love it

TrayEverything minimizes any app to the Windows sysem tray (Download Squad)

Oct 10th 2008 12:42PM never heard of trayconizer, thanks