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Video: Xbox Live Enforcement at work (Joystiq)

Mar 18th 2011 7:24PM Thanks for putting my video up!

Engadget's recession antidote: win an HP MediaSmart Server LX195! (Engadget)

Jul 20th 2009 8:23PM I think we could fix the world economy by giving everyone a jb that they are good at, you know like by taking one of those tests many of us may have taken in high school...

Firefox 3.5 coming June 30th, Fennec updated today (Download Squad)

Jun 27th 2009 1:26PM Notice how it has the date "20090624"? I believe that is the sign that it is pre-release still.

1 vs. 100 prizes unavailable in certain states and Quebec (Joystiq)

Jun 17th 2009 9:47PM I think having the two "Indian" Casinos here in Connecticut is why there is such strict gaming law here.

Microsoft press conference Bingo ends in failure (Joystiq)

Jun 1st 2009 7:18PM Alan Wake was not "dated" it was given a broad scheduled release of Spring 2010, not a specific date. If you are going to be strict and not include "X360 software goes digital" since it was announced after the press show then it should be noted that Alan wake was not "dated" http://www.google.com/search?q=define%3Adate

Twitter changes @reply settings again, users protest (Download Squad)

May 13th 2009 7:26AM I suggest just putting something before the @
so instead of putting "@DownloadSquad how are you...."
put something like "hey @DownloadSquad how are you...."
I have not tested this but since Twitter updated the site to show @replies as any tweet that has @(yourname) in it this should work.

Joyswag: Resident Evil 5 Red Xbox 360 Elite Bundle (Joystiq)

Mar 12th 2009 5:48AM You should be able to walk and use Sprint/Nextel Direct connect talking. Those chirping noises are so annoying out in public...

Joyswag: Gears of War 2 Limited Edition + 120GB Zune + bag + hoodie + MORE (Joystiq)

Nov 10th 2008 6:21PM Gears of War: Locust Drag Queen