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All your OS are belong to US... with Apple's new advertising patent! (Download Squad)

Nov 16th 2009 12:47PM "Because there's no better alternative to Gmail or iTunes or Windows."

What kind of crack is Sebastian Anthony smoking? Ever heard of Yahoo? Even if you consider Yahoo as being one of the big guys, there are still a lot of free email providers and I have about 8 of those at various places.

Anthony seems to have forgotten about Linux and it's many flavors that can be downloaded and installed on the computer for the price of a blank CD.

I agree with some other commenters that this article is only half the real story and poor journalism, to boot.

Google Chrome First Impression: Is It What You Expected? (Download Squad)

Sep 2nd 2008 7:55PM Like most everyone else here, I prefer to stick with FF until something akin to Adblocker + comes out.

I hate animated ads and I won't give up FF just yet.