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Oct 1st 2008 3:16PM Driveimage XML. Not open source, but freeware. It's great for backup up a Windows XP PC without the need to reboot, or boot from other media. It locks down the PC while performing backup of the system, but it's quick and saves the data in XML which you can open and browse directories for extraction, or use as a total system restore.

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Sep 2nd 2008 6:56PM Driveimage XML is great tool. Install and run it on a Windows XP PC and it will create an image of your whole system partition and save it in XML format. It also splits the backup into 700MB chunks that will fit on CDR, or a FAT32 file system. By saving your system backup in the XML standard, you can be sure that your data will be retrievable in the future should Driveimage be discontinued. You also can use Driveimage to browse through and copy files from folders in the XML backup. When you need to reinstall Windows XP, you use one other tool: Bart PE live Windows CD. This live CD can boot your PC, allow you to format the partition, access USB drives, and copy the XML backup files to your new partition. Then you reboot, and your PC is restored.
The great thing about this method is being able to back up the whole system while Windows is running, without the need to reboot or anything.