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Vista to Windows 7 upgrade date and details revealed (Download Squad)

Jan 7th 2009 1:54PM Personal I don't like upgrade because upgrade are a pain, if ever have to reformate or reinstalled you have to reinstalled your old OS then installed the upgrade. You have to pay a little more for the full the version but to me it worth it.

Windows 7 Beta ISO leaked on torrent trackers (Download Squad)

Dec 30th 2008 3:13PM Window 7 can't wait tell it finish, I been a window vista user ever since and have never look back. Sorry window xp users it time to move on your OS will soon be history.

In Shocking Development, Chargers Players Think Jay Cutler Is 'a Punk' (Fanhouse NFL Blog)

Dec 27th 2008 7:27PM Who got the top rating QB this year ? Rivers so claim it up Chargers are going to slam dunk the broncos. Broncos won't be so lucky this time around on that fumble. Steeler won't even make on the first round And Chargers well don't be surprise surper bowl baby.

Chargers 41, Buccaneers 24: Teams Going In Opposite Directions (Fanhouse NFL Blog)

Dec 21st 2008 11:57PM Its payback time Chargers are going to destroyed
the broncos and win the AFC Awesome i can't wait.

The Chargers and the Broncos Are on Collision Course for Mediocrity Bowl (Fanhouse NFL Blog)

Dec 16th 2008 6:47PM I'm a chargers fan and holding my breath if they lose that okay but I tell one thing for sure, Broncos will be riding their donkey home after the first round in the play off they don't have a chance, But if the chargers win and it come down to broncos and chargers, broncos won't be so lucky this time when they got away from a fumble in the first games they played. Chargers are going to kick broncos $**%*(&^^^ all the way back to denver.

5 very basic things Windows 7 still isn't any good at (Download Squad)

Nov 10th 2008 12:27PM Nick picking Window 7 isn't going to cut it .

Is HP building a custom Linux distro for home computers? (Download Squad)

Sep 13th 2008 12:38PM Company who will not upgrade their driver or are too slow to do so will pay the price in the end when they start losing their customers with window vista start gaining more respect, people will soon understand it wasn't window vista causing the problem it the company who will not update their own driver to vista.

Microsoft Drops IE8 Beta 2 - First Impression (Download Squad)

Aug 28th 2008 10:14AM IE 8 I had to remove it because Norton Identify Safe
and Log In drop down list wasn't working maybe it being block or maybe the beta is still a little buggy.

My Top 6 Download Annoyances (Download Squad)

Aug 27th 2008 1:15PM I have internet download manager which is not for free
but does help download speed with no ad and pop up
people who want everthing free have to remember
you are asking for it what ever they give you.