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Windows XP gets another stay of execution (Download Squad)

Oct 4th 2008 4:45PM I built my PC for the sole purpose of moving to vista 64 and I have no problems. Sure I get a crash every once and a while but I got them on XP too. If you have the proper hardware to support Vista there aren't that many problems with it. If you try to upgrade your old PC then yeah you are going to have problems, it's like moving from 2000 to XP you always have to upgrade your hardware.

At work we are still upgrading from 2000 to XP so I don't see us moving to Vista any time soon but we also run software that was made in the late 90's and barely works on XP.

Although dell ships our PCs with both vista business and XP which I find strange.

My Top 6 Download Annoyances (Download Squad)

Aug 27th 2008 11:33AM How about those stupid toolbars that all these free apps want you to install.