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Windows 7 hands on - Impressive at every turn (Download Squad)

Nov 1st 2008 5:07PM This should be a free upgrade for V. Ultimate owners, like myself. I am not, however, one of the complainers. Microsoft has down a superb job of leading the OS race towards perfection. I'm a little confused over why they would deliver an OS that is mainly designed for software players (V.U.), and has little value for business or other everyday lean purposes.
I run V.U. for all my everyday uses at home 24/7. It's never turned off and it handles all my needs with symmetry, grace and maximum power. I run multimedia and home business apps simultaneously on a high end system under Vista Ultimate and I have come to understand that this OS requires constant maintenance and attention but I am a person who likes to tinker with software, upgrades, experimental drivers etc.
The result of my attention is a visually stunning and unique system that is pushing the limits in all software arena's but gets the job done with extreme class.
You whiners are forcing Microsoft to develop a leaner software system but this evolutionary process should result in an OS that integrates the beauty of V.U. and the lean simplicity of XP.
I'm always amazed at the talents of Microsoft's engineers and I am enjoying this whole process very much.
I'm sure Windows 7 will be on my most wanted list as soon as it graduates the RC stages and I can only hope Redmond makes it easily integrable for us loyal software players.