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Is Lastpass as good as they make it sound? (Download Squad)

Aug 26th 2008 6:53PM I've been using my own password solutions. A 10k open-sourced php single file. It served me well for years.

It has all the feature i need desperately:

-- Never stores any password anywhere... (so no "encryption" needed at all, and this also means you never afraid of those behind-the-scene programmers...)
-- Universally availability, at work, at home, Firefox, IE, etc...
-- No (local) installations. Just a bookmarklet.
-- AJAX interface, filling in login forms automatically.
-- Born to be a Key-Logger trojan defender.

However, there is nothing in this world really perfect. Here comes the shorts:

-- You need to find your own PHP-host to put this 10K file on.
-- I'm personally *weak* at marketing this tool, though I think it's the best ever one.

If you are interested, you could have a look at here:


Sorry if the site's too simple for now. My last words about it is: since it's only a 10K php file, I have absolutely *NOTHING* to hide. All codes are under your nose and I think this is the most important point for any passwords managers.