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This is why you should use Internet Explorer 9 (Download Squad)

Sep 23rd 2010 12:13PM Tried it out and really liked it however it does not work with paypal shipping. It kept erroring out saying could not connect to server when it was retrieving the USPS shipping label. Uninstall and works again...bummer...Hopefully either paypal or ie9 will get things working...I want my ie9

Office 2010 RTM now available for download by Technet, MSDN subscribers (Download Squad)

Apr 22nd 2010 8:14PM Downloading now...Only one key available till 4/30 though

Essential apps and utilities for PC, Mac and console gamers (Download Squad)

Mar 8th 2010 3:43PM I'll take VENT over teamspeak any day of the week!

Intel's 'Huron River' 32nm laptop platform to pack WiMAX in 2011 (Engadget)

Feb 14th 2010 2:25PM Where did you get that picture? That's a 200mm fab...All 32nm products are made in 300mm (12inch wafers) fabs.

Skype 4.2 beta for Windows adds call transfer, Chrome browser plugin (Download Squad)

Dec 11th 2009 4:02AM so wheres the multi video conferencing? I wanna do video chat with 3 people!

Speed up your internet DNS lookup time with NameBench (Download Squad)

Dec 3rd 2009 7:15PM No virus reported by MSE.

Ran it and it said the comcast DNS servers are 142% faster then the new "faster" google DNS servers (

MSN.com gets its first major redesign in a decade (Download Squad)

Nov 4th 2009 2:19PM I'm not a fan of all the white...tends to hurt my eyes being to bright.

First beta download of Avast 5.0 free antivirus released [gallery] (Download Squad)

Aug 20th 2009 11:24AM I didn't realize while its running in system tray it was using resources for the ui? lets think about that a bit, eh? Oh and I'll give up 10 extra mb of my 6gb of ram for a good looking UI. Were not in the 32kb memory age any more....

Swag Saturday: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (360/PS3) [update] (Joystiq)

Aug 1st 2009 4:34PM This looks like a game to play

Engadget's recession antidote: win a 16GB iPhone 3G from Rapid Repair! (Engadget)

Aug 1st 2009 4:32PM man my wife has been buggin me about gettin her a iphone...come one please...