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The great Google Wave invite giveaway! (Download Squad)

Oct 31st 2009 11:56PM Count me in!

How powerful was the Apollo 11 computer? (Download Squad)

Jul 21st 2009 7:48PM From what I understand, it's become far cheaper to add more hardware, than to spend more developer time optimizing code (excepting major efficiency boosts, like 40% etc.) It's also easier to maintain and use today's code.
BTW, not disagreeing with you at all, there is room for improvement.

How powerful was the Apollo 11 computer? (Download Squad)

Jul 20th 2009 11:16PM Today, I was in the audience at Draper Labs, while the retired project lead for the AGC gave a speech about the challenges they faced throughout the program. As an undergraduate EE, it was really inspiring how much they accomplished with the technology available, as well as the time constraints. Just need to push the limits.

Engadget's recession antidote: win a Razer Mamba, Carcharias and case! (Engadget)

Apr 8th 2009 1:21PM this is so cool. I want it. How "nearly" bulletproof is the case? It could come in handy.

The editor-in-chief giveaway: Win Ryan Block's gadgets (Engadget)

Aug 23rd 2008 11:45AM I don't know what I'd do with most of it, but I'd love the jawbone.