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Apple releases Time Capsule and AirPort Base Station firmware update to fix AirPlay issues (

Dec 17th 2010 3:55PM @Horo. Thanks, that helps. I have the older 802.11b/g model so it looks like it's confirmed that the update does not show up for that model.

Apple releases Time Capsule and AirPort Base Station firmware update to fix AirPlay issues (

Dec 17th 2010 10:36AM I wonder if it's because my Airport Express is not new, but my firmware is on 6.3 and after installing Airport Utility 5.5.2 successfully, it will not find an upgrade. I have tried so many resets and and restoring default settings etc. but it will not find a firmware upgrade.

[Win 7 x64]

Krento is a simple, good looking 3D application launcher for Windows (Download Squad)

Jan 10th 2010 9:00PM I had followed up with the developer. He said it does not work on Win 7 x64 yet but he will be releasing a version for that later.

Krento is a simple, good looking 3D application launcher for Windows (Download Squad)

Dec 24th 2009 12:38PM Krento installed fine on Win7 x64 but I can't get it work on that PC.

It just starts and exits. I have tried compatibility mode and running as an Admin (which I am) without any luck.

YouTube Find: Microsoft's 6 minute guide to hosting a Windows 7 Launch Party (Download Squad)

Sep 27th 2009 10:56AM Microsoft's ad is really weak but the remix was even weaker...

Adobe releases Photoshop Elements 8 (Download Squad)

Sep 25th 2009 7:50AM I wish I had not seen this post and purchased PSE 8!!! :( I was upgrading from PSE 7 on Win 7 x64.
1. There is no upgrade program (I've been using PSE 5, 6, and 7). I have to buy a full new version every time :(
2. The purchase and download process was painful. Started in Firefox, continued in Chome, tried IE, and tehn completed in Firefox. Had to install new version of Java and had to install Adobe Downloader. One of the most frustrating "purchase and download" processes ever!
3. After installing PSE 8, I found that it was frequently slowing down -- it is way slower than PSE 7. I don't know if it's cataloging/indexing but it told me that it's conversion of my catalog was done.
4. It has a "great new feature" of face recognition. It's implementation sucks. It doesn't even find all the faces in the pictures (even when there's only two); thinks mugs, dresses, etc. are faces; can't recognize a face in another photo that was taken 2 seconds later than the first; ... What good is this upgrade???
5. Decided that I wanted to report my awful upgrade experience to Adobe. I wasted 15 minutes trying to do that!! They obviously do not want any feedback!!!
6. There is no 64-bit version of PSE!! Adobe has it for Lightroom and others. Why can't they do it for PSE.

I guess it's time to seriously consider an alternative to PSE and get my money back. It looks like my primary alternatives are Picasa, Paint.NET and GIMP. I'm just and amateur/family photographer with 11,000 pictures. Any feedback appreciated.

Windows 7 upgrade could take 20+ hours (reasons to do a clean install) (Download Squad)

Sep 12th 2009 3:49PM My upgrade from Vista x64 to Windows 7 x64 only took 3 hours. It was the best and most straightforward Windows upgrade that I've ever done. This was a month ago.

I usually do a clean install but decided to go with an upgrade this time. I have not been sorry! Not a single issue with any of my drivers or any of my many 32-bit and 64-bit apps. It's running faster than Vista x64 did so I don't see any negative effects from doing an upgrade.

iTunes 9 continues to suck on Windows, makes halfhearted attempt at Windows 7 integration (Download Squad)

Sep 12th 2009 3:12PM Lee,

You are correct! iTunes is my absolute slowest app in Windows running on ANY VERSION. It's not just Windows 7 -- it's Vista and XP too.

One of the reasons that I went to 64-bit Windows 7 (and a new PC!) was that I could run the 64-bit version of iTunes. I don't even know if it's better than the iTunes 32-bit version though :(

I can't believe all those people coming to Apple's defense here! Why can't Apple's programmers write good apps for Windows??? What's wrong with them? (And yes, I have a strong programming background).

There's enough Windows users (like me) that have bought multiple iPods and iPhones and are using iTunes for our music and video management. I currently have 10,000+ items in iTunes. I definitely expect more from Apple. If Foobar2000 (or another) eventually meets my needs --- then I will say goodbye to iTunes AND it's Apple's loss!!

HanDBase for iPhone Giveaway (

Jan 27th 2009 5:00PM Train Schedule. I used to have a train schedule database that I built on my Palm device but don't have my train schedule on iPhone yet. I need a database app :)

iPhone 101: Switch between audio outputs for your voicemail (

Sep 18th 2008 7:02PM Unfortunately, Visual Voicemail doesn't work in BMWs with their bluetooth connections. I don't think it's a BMW-specific problem; many users are reporting problems with particular non-Apple bluetooth headsets.