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Ask Engadget HD: Should I buy a 720p HDTV? (Engadget HD)

Aug 13th 2010 8:18PM How about this question. I have the option to get a 45-50" 1080p set or a 45-50" 720p set with 3D. I will probably be setting ~6-8 feet away from the set. I just don't know which future proofing would be better. 1080p or 3D

Right now the only 3D I really want is 3D games which on the PS3 will all be 720p anyway, then again, the only 1080p content I want is Blu-ray movies.

At this point I probably game more than I watch Blu-ray. Even then 3D Blu-ray movies might be better than 1080p movies from that distance and at that screen size.

Any suggestions?

How to tweak ShowAnalyzer to 100 percent commercial detection accuracy (Engadget HD)

Aug 2nd 2010 7:58PM Is show analyzer related to any other projects or is it specific just to show analyzer? I am curious because I know MythTV has commercial detection but don't know the project it uses to detect commercials and some of these features seem really useful.

Poll: Is it live or is it HDTV, how do you want to watch sports this season? (Engadget HD)

Aug 1st 2010 10:04PM @ppw I agree, I typically start late and end on time. If the game has already ended I will typically just watch highlights online unless it was a game I really wanted to see

Poll: Are you going to get / already set up with a multiroom DVR? (Engadget HD)

Jul 11th 2010 1:35PM Thanks for putting up the poll Ben, I was listening to the podcast and was curious how many people are even using/wanting to use multiroom. I wonder how many of these results are just multiple DVR's and not actually sharing recordings etc.
Looks like I am in the minority with only one TV.

Poll: How much did you spend on your HDTV? (Engadget HD)

Jun 26th 2010 3:13PM I spent $1300 in 2005. I think when you bought your TV matters a lot too because you can easily get a >40" TV for under $800 now, but 3 years ago that was a great deal.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z2 ears-on (Engadget)

Jun 20th 2010 11:18AM Dear Turtle Beach,

Please make wireless, surround sound headphones with bluetooth chat for the PlayStation 3.

Future buyer

HDHomeRun CableCARD will feature three tuners in time for the holidays (Engadget)

May 11th 2010 5:48PM @swoon Thanks for the tip. I really want to move away from my HDPVR solution to cable cards but WMC7 is just a bit too locked down for my tastes. Lets hope they open up CableCARDs at least a little bit more. Either way I doubt MythTV will be adding DRM support any time soon.

HDHomeRun CableCARD will feature three tuners in time for the holidays (Engadget)

May 11th 2010 5:34PM Hey Ben,
Could you explain the what it takes to get a cable card supported HTPC? I know it has to do with Cable Labs certifying the software and it has to be licensed for PlaysForSure because that is the DRM cable cards use right? That is kinda where it breaks down for me on what exactly it takes to get cable card support into other HTPC software. Also I know WMC is cable card supported, is there a table of other supported software? SageTV, BeyondTV, MythTV, etc.
Also do the new proposed rules change any of that if they are passed? I would love to get Cable Card support but I don't think I am ready to go back to WMC7.

Higher Ed choosing sides on iPad use (

May 7th 2010 12:30PM I work at a private university and we sell iPads through our computer store. I really don't think iPads are going to be much of an issue seeing as we have only sold 5 and 4 of those were for departments/giveaways.
That and we have already put things into place to allow iPod touches onto our wifi with 24 hour provisioning. They have to re-connect each day to get access. The iPads will have to do the same thing.

Engadget HD Podcast 191 - 05.04.2010 (Engadget HD)

May 4th 2010 7:39PM Is there a reason this isn't showing up in the feed?
It shows up in Google reader under the main rss feed but not this feed. I also checked just loading the feed in my browser but it doesn't show up still.

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