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10 Firefox themes that don't suck (Download Squad)

Feb 15th 2009 4:33PM my favorite wasn't up there- PIMPZILLA! =D

Peek: the handheld that does e-mail, and only e-mail (Engadget)

Aug 20th 2008 10:57PM 1___ "I don't like the cell phone company and the thought of calling them makes me want to puke."
2_x_ "Yes, of course I do e-mail."
3___ "I have a cell phone already and it's on a contract, so maybe I'll consider that new phone you showed me next year some time."
4_x_ "2-year contracts suck. Actually, all contracts suck."
5_x_ "Sure my phone plan *says* it's $70 per month, but it comes out to like $94 after taxes and stuff. And I think that is lame."
6___ "I don't want to carry that burrito-sized thing you keep calling a 'smartphone'."
7___ "I want this thing to be working in like 5 minutes flat and no I don't want you to do it for me (but thanks for offering)."
8_x_ "That sure sounds cool, but I'm not sure I need a telnet client on my phone right now."
9___ "Okay, so you got port forwarding to work on your Airport Express. THAT is why you were late for my birthday dinner?"
10_x_ "Super thin device, cool looking, endless battery life, big screen, ultra simple keyboard, works with my current email account, buy it at Target, no contracts, no hidden fees or other nonsense, no Verizon/AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile to deal with, and only $100....I like it"