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How to make your own Dashboard Widget with Dashcode (Download Squad)

Jan 25th 2007 3:22PM Hmm your dashcode looks way different than the one i got. You have way more templates for starters.

Ad critic: Sony's racially charged PSP ad [update 1] (Joystiq)

Jul 5th 2006 1:07PM I'm a blck male living in holland. And i seriosly don't see anything racist. And the fact that the ads are still up means the gov/anti racism oraganisations don't think it's racist. What ppl from the us might or might no understand is that our history with race related incidents are way milder than what was common practise in the us. As such we don't flip out on every white/black confrontation we see on the streets.

And before you blame sony for what YOU think is wrong with the ad you might want to find out how advertismen works. This ad was probably only seen by a handfull of ppl at sony's dutch division (if it's a netherlands only ad, which i think it is) and was thought up and made completely by a different company. If you want to blame ppl blame those, don't blame an entire company.