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Prompt from Panic does SSH on iPad and iPhone (

Apr 16th 2011 7:12AM You can hide the servers in landscape, just tap Hide Connections

Onion releases iPad app, The Onion Tablet (

Apr 2nd 2011 6:32AM the way i am reading that that is a comment made by users in reviews on itunes or something... if not, well Mike is a user too, can't deny that :p

iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot put to the test (

Mar 29th 2011 11:52PM 45$ :O
Wow US cell carriers are robbing their customers... Tethering and using the hotspot function both completely free with all carriers over here in Sweden, and the rest of Europe too as far as I know.

Skyfire browser for iPad adds URL auto-completion, better Private Browsing (Download Squad)

Feb 4th 2011 2:18AM Well how nice...
Now they only need to make it a universal app and add some form of bookmark sync and I'll buy it...

Facebook overtakes Yahoo! to become 3rd-most-visited Web property (Download Squad)

Dec 28th 2010 7:54AM @SilverWave
doesn't do search anymore, true, still does mail though and are in my opinion the very best at it, their web client is unrivaled... not that i use it, just get everything in my phone and ipad but still lot's of regular users are using yahoos mail and for good reason too is a slick four-way search page for your iPhone (Download Squad)

Oct 6th 2010 3:47AM Wow, how point less...

It lets you search 4 pages, 2 of which can be searched directly from you springboard with spotlight, 1 is in most cases in the top right of safari...
And the other 2, twitter and flickr should if anything be searched from their respective app so you can keep away from their mobile sites...

More than 40% Valve's Steam user base are also avid users of BitTorrent (Download Squad)

Aug 24th 2010 11:37AM What do you mean by steam having a better deal? I can't see a pirating thinking "Hmm 49.99 €? What a great deal, much better than free over at isohunt." :P

Do note that I do in no way support piracy

Sweden's Pirate Party set to launch private, anonymous ISP (Download Squad)

Jul 20th 2010 11:18AM yea well i know they talk a lot about privacy and all that... but fact is most of their supporters and most within the party is mostly interested in pirating and that is a fact...

Firefox home arrives in iTunes store, apparently contains naughty content (Download Squad)

Jul 16th 2010 11:00AM Yea those naughty content warnings are stupid, Safari should have one at first start i think, Opera has one when you install it and both are just a naughty so :P

Include a PDF viewer in Windows to reduce exploits? Nice idea, but it won't work (Download Squad)

May 4th 2010 3:02PM as a reply to mahs comment, well yea MS have the majority of desktop computers... but Apple and OSX have the majority of Mac sales eh? Those should be considered separate markets and both OSs should be treated the same... It's the same on the iPhone and iPod touch, should be a ballot screen for browser, there are alternatives, apple putting safari on there is unfair use of their possition, and the fact that appstore say you have to be over 17 to install a browser as it may contain mature content, something there is no warning about in safari :p that is even more unfair