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Fantastical vs. Today: Mac calendar app faceoff (Updated) (

May 20th 2011 10:12PM I think Fantastical is way overpriced. That being said, it has a calendar view - something that most other menubar calendar apps lack. How the heck can you make a calendar app that doesn't actually show you a monthly friggin calendar????

Today is a useful, lightweight calendar app for the Mac (

May 19th 2011 10:26AM You can get "plain language" event entries with an app called: Remind Me Later. It's free. It doesn't have all these features in Fantastical and Today, it only does plain language entries, but it does them very well.

iOS 5 may offer over-the-air software updates (

May 5th 2011 12:03PM Screw the iOS updates, how about focusing on bringing calendar, contact and note syncing over the air. You know, something users would rather not plug-in for several times per day.

Facebook's iOS app starts polluting News Feed with 'People you may know' (

Apr 26th 2011 8:55AM Unfortunately, there simply aren't any true alternatives that offer all that the official app does.

Three reasons iWeb may be doomed (

Apr 21st 2011 10:53PM Switching from iWeb to Dreamweaver is going to be painful for you. You might want to try Rapidweaver - it's similar to iWeb, but a LOT more flexible.

iHub 2 cease and desist notice issued: We called it (

Apr 21st 2011 4:07PM I was going to say the same thing... EVERYBODY called it!

Palua allows you to quickly switch between standard and Apple function keys (

Apr 21st 2011 10:11AM I find it easier to just use a Shortcut Key app to assign F keys to do whatever I want. Both Apptivate ($) and Spark (Free) override system shortcuts, so there's no need for something like this app.

Moom for Mac simplifies window moving and zooming (Download Squad)

Apr 7th 2011 2:14PM There are free apps that do this, as well as a few paid apps like HyperDock, etc... Just saying.

5 things I want to see in iOS 5 (

Apr 4th 2011 9:25AM Wireless calendar and contact syncing, along with better notification system. That's all I ask for.

Google +1 finally unveiled, probably not what you expected it to be (Download Squad)

Mar 31st 2011 9:27AM It's Digg/Reddit/Yahoo. How genius.