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What Color is a beautiful, minimalist way to convert numbers to colors (Download Squad)

Oct 3rd 2010 5:51PM Not sure what you mean by "simple", but if you click on any displayed color it shows just it and puts the code in the URL where it can be copied fairly easily.

QuickTime backdoor allows takeover of Windows 7 machines, ancient line of code to blame (Download Squad)

Aug 30th 2010 7:02PM Who in their right mind allows Quicktime on their system?

Download Squad Rainmeter skin now available! (Download Squad)

Aug 18th 2010 4:03PM The colors are all customizable in the skin, but adding more cowbell is the tricky bit. ;-)

DesktopCoral reserves desktop space for your widgets (Download Squad)

Aug 13th 2010 6:32PM Since we got a nice mention, thought I would knock out a quick DownloadSquad skin using Rainmeter for you... ;-)

Jeffrey Morley
Development Team - Rainmeter

Tab Candy for Firefox goes alpha, revolutionizes tabbed browsing (Download Squad)

Jul 23rd 2010 4:42PM I think this might find the widest audience if it added "persistence" to the mix. By that I mean that most folks really don't have 100 tabs open at a time, and even if they do it is for just a short time and tabs / sites are opened and closed as they work. I don't think most people want to always have Firefox open a ton of sites they don't intend to work on in that session, and who wants to go to the work of being so organized if not?

So what if this included the capabilities of FastDial or SpeedDial along with this excellent tab management? So you could create these groups, put either open tabs OR bookmarks in them, and mark some to be opened "on demand" when Firefox is started, and others to be "auto opened", as TabCandy is designed now?

That to me would be a logical conjunction of functionality, and make this a real killer feature for Firefox.

Firefox Friday -- "Beta 2 is coming, and it'll break stuff" edition (Download Squad)

Jul 23rd 2010 3:29PM Well, I for one accept that when you run a beta of any software which supports custom written addons, it is the responsibility of the addon author to ensure he/she stays current with the supporting application. I certainly don't want Firefox to bloat up with "compatibility" work around code or not implement a new feature or technology to ensure that an addon written for a previous version isn't "broken".

The options are clear:

1) Move now because you like the better performance and new features of 4.0 and are willing to live without some addons until they are updated. The key to this is whether there is a "broken" addon you just can't live without. If you like being on the "bleeding edge" and don't mind a little pain with your pleasure, this can be a good option. Not for everyone though.

2) Wait either for the release of 4.0, or at least until the majority of addons have been updated. You may wait forever for some though, many addon authors have a good idea, write an addon, move on and never look back. Still, this is a reasonable option for many if not most folks.

3) Just stay with Firefox 2.0 or 3.0 or whatever you have now. Nothing says you have to use the "latest and greatest". I pretty much always will, but that's me.

4) Stay on 3.x but comment on every post about 4.0 to bitch that "Firefox broke your favorite addon", which is pointless, ignorant, and well, stupid. The starting position of Mozilla is and should be that 4.0 will break EVERY addon, and that they will all need to be updated by the authors. This will turn out to not be entirely true, it already isn't, but it's the right way to approach it.

Firefox Friday -- "Beta 2 is coming, and it'll break stuff" edition (Download Squad)

Jul 23rd 2010 1:25PM Also true for me, but my pleasant experience has been that most of my addons worked just fine when enabled with the "Add-on Compatibility Reporter". There are so many extensions for Firefox that it is pointless to talk about what works and what doesn't, at any level of detail here, but in the category of "popular" ones that I bet many use:

AdBlock worked fine
Download StatusBar worked fine
FastDial worked fine
NewTab Homepage worked fine
StumbleUpon worked fine

AfterTheDeadline gave me issues
GMail Notifier gave me issues
QuckDrag gave me issues

Long and the short of it was that the ones I really can't or won't live without, AddBlock and FastDial for sure, worked ok. The others I can live without until they are updated.

Firefox Friday -- "Beta 2 is coming, and it'll break stuff" edition (Download Squad)

Jul 23rd 2010 1:06PM One last note. In my opinion, if you are going to use the beta versions of 4.0, you might want to consider using the "nightly builds" (Minefield) instead. There is some risk with any beta that it might not work right, and I admit there is added risk with the nightly builds, but my experience so far is that now that 4.0 is stable enough to have public builds to the level of b2/b3, the nightly builds have been very stable and reliable for weeks.

The disadvantage is some risk that "tomorrow's" build could have a real problem in it, (hasn't happened to me yet, but it's not tomorrow yet ) but the advantage is that bug fixes and improvements to functionality happen a lot faster than waiting weeks for the next real beta.

Give it a try by going to and grab the version appropriate for you.

If you are going to use the nightly builds, Mozbackup is your friend...

Firefox Friday -- "Beta 2 is coming, and it'll break stuff" edition (Download Squad)

Jul 23rd 2010 12:54PM Yes, I agree. I think having addons install without a restart of the browser is fine, but hardly a huge deal. It takes like 3-5 seconds to restart and your session is restored.

Firefox Friday -- "Beta 2 is coming, and it'll break stuff" edition (Download Squad)

Jul 23rd 2010 12:51PM I found that most extensions worked fine once you installed the "Add-on Compatibility Reporter"

However, a few did not. Nothing I can't live without in the short term though. All you can do is use the above addon, enable all your existing extension and give them a try. Some will be fine, some may work but have cosmetic problems with the new chrome, and some won't work at all. Be sure to know how to run Firefox using the "firefox -safe-mode" command line, in case something really breaks it.

All this will be true to one extent or another in weeks and maybe months, depending on each addon author, so I'm not sure there is any real benefit to waiting unless you do find an incompatible addon you in fact can't live without.

P.S. If you use Personas, be prepared to live without them or without 4.0 for some time to come. They don't work correctly at this time (they cover up the Windows min/max/close buttons for instance) and from what I can gather on the firefox blog/forum where it is discussed, it is not a high priority to fix for a while give developer resources.