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Sleipnir: Customizable web browser uses IE or Firefox rendering engines (Download Squad)

Aug 4th 2008 8:33AM At first look; Yes, Firefox and Opera appear to be miles ahead of Sleipnir. (These two are my Number One and Number Two favourites, for what it's worth). And Internet Explorer looks to be better than it too (My third favourite).

But to be fair, I had only downloaded the minimum. That means it lacks some of the goodies that might make it better in my eyes.

However, this is not fully my fault. During installation, it tried to download a few other files. The connection got broken. Unfortunately, it does not support "Resume download", and had to start from scratch again. I put up with this three times, and then gave up - Told it to just install whatever it had.

But there are a few things that I like. One of that is the ability to configure quite a number of settings. But then, only an IE user might really be impressed - Those using Firefox and Opera would just laugh, for these two browsers are "SUPER-configurable" and Sleipnir is just "a bit of that" when compared to them.

There's one other BIG problem: If you had set it to start where you had left off (online, with the tabs at different websites, for example) - If you are offline when you launch it the next time, Sleipnir will suck up most of the processing power doing ... I don't know what.

This slows down eveything else, of course. It's just too dumb to tell you that there is no connection available, and leave it at that! That means you'll have to start Task Manager and kill it off.