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Farewell, Internet (Download Squad)

Apr 26th 2011 11:53PM This really SUCKS! ! I really like this site and look to it for a lot of info.
Thanks for all the help!

Treat bag three - the Mobile Warrior (Download Squad)

Oct 31st 2009 5:42AM This is cool stuff. I would like to win it all.

Symantec's Hall says free antivirus is for chumps (Download Squad)

Jul 4th 2009 12:02PM I was running Norton when I got a trogan and then I contacted them and they wanted $100.00 to help me remove it. I think I got hosed when I paid for it and I will not get hosed to get shed of the problem.

Ask DLS: What free apps would you like to share with Karen? (Download Squad)

Dec 12th 2008 8:31AM I would recommend Thunderbird and sunbird

Day One On Linux: What Would You Miss? (Download Squad)

Sep 19th 2008 7:42AM I use Ubuntu as a second boot but I have not went to it completely because I can not get my home network to work correctly. Plus I have not as yet figured out how to install download programs. Still working on all my shortcomings. But not ready to quit XP as yet. helps keep track of... work, surprisingly enough (Download Squad)

Aug 21st 2008 1:24PM Not bad but I would like to see the time sheet also. Now this has two sides. One you get done on time or early and you are OK but if you are late.....

Does software piracy hurt the open source community? (Download Squad)

Jul 30th 2008 7:26PM The big difference for most people is CHANGE. They don't like it and having to learn a new software is something they would prefer not to do. The IT people don't like it as well. Because it causes more problems for them during the learning curve. So until a company or you decide to go to the open source and stick to it, working out all your problems as you go and getting in the habit of using it. Forget it you will not go to open source.

With KDE 4.1, KDE4 starts to show its colors (Download Squad)

Jul 30th 2008 7:06PM Yes! Welcome back I was worried you may never come back.