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Readability 2 makes webpages printable, pasteable and uncluttered (Download Squad)

Oct 30th 2009 1:50PM I don't really see "new and improved" part. Strongest feature of Readability is that you can customize bookmarklet, choosing from several styles and sizes.

This mod throws most of functionality out of... for what exactly?

RSS and SimplePie makes for PHP developer heaven (Download Squad)

Oct 10th 2009 3:37PM Developers had currently completely stopped development and aren't looking for anything anymore.

I like SimplePie myself but if left to code rot it might be best to sit and wait instead of starting with it at moment.

StumbleUpon relaunches: No browser toolbar necessary (Download Squad)

Oct 1st 2008 1:26PM As far as I understood it's only live for first batch of users at moment. They are going to switch rest slowly.

I am also getting old version of everything at moment.

Opera Stumbler brings StumbleUpon to the Opera web browser (Download Squad)

Aug 19th 2008 7:29AM I've tried this toolbar some time ago but it was endlessly sending me back and forth between two sites. :(

SU should just make proper toolbar instead of giving Opera users stupid "your browsers sucks" page.

QLiner Makes Hotkeys Drag-and-Drop Easy (Download Squad)

Aug 14th 2008 3:59PM Yep, great launcher that solves eternal "remembering hotkeys" problem. But memory footprint and speed are ugly. :( I wish they remade it but development is stalled, last release was back in 2006.

IrfanView 4.20 released, gets a minor facelift (Download Squad)

Jul 18th 2008 4:11PM There is interesting new function (actually another program RIOT plugged in) in 4.20 "Save for web". It is not as good for PNG as bruteforce optimizers but can save to GIF and JPG as well... Ability to compress to specific file size is interesting if you need to prepare bunch of images for host with size limit.