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Sonic 20th anniversary figurine is looking sharp (Joystiq)

Jun 16th 2011 10:05PM It looks awesome! I want one so bad.

E3 2011: The big schedule (Joystiq)

Jun 4th 2011 11:07AM W00T! Sonic party! Gonna be the best E3 ever.

Wipeout NGP gameplay video flies into view (Joystiq)

Jun 2nd 2011 2:59PM @Epoque

What makes HD not "real"? They upgraded some of the best tracks in the series in HD. They upgraded the ships in HD, then they completely redesigned them all making them look even cooler. They revamped the zone mode, added new game modes, had the best songs re-done in 5.1 surround sound, and made it to run at 1080p @ 60fps with 3D support. If all that doesn't make it a "real" entry in WipEout series, then I don't know what does.

Feast your eyes on a menagerie of new NGP game images (Joystiq)

Jun 2nd 2011 12:47PM Wow, that WipEout game looks awesome!

Ridge Racer Unbounded will be a brand within a brand (Joystiq)

May 11th 2011 9:16PM Looks a lot like as if Burnout and Split Second had a baby.

Chip Maestro turns your NES into a MIDI synthesizer (Joystiq)

May 11th 2011 12:27AM This is awesome! I'm totally gonna get one. Time to dust off the ol' NES.

Sonic Generations footage has something old, something new, and two blue things (Joystiq)

Apr 21st 2011 1:21PM Looks good so far. I'm really digging the modern Sonic gameplay.

Sonic Generations preview: Chubby reign (Joystiq)

Apr 18th 2011 1:00PM This looks awesome! I like how there will be different styles for both Sonics. I can't wait for this game.

Portal 2 unlocking early -- if you play the Potato Sack games long enough (Joystiq)

Apr 15th 2011 12:13PM Dang, Valve's marketing team are geniuses.