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HP Mini 110 netbook gets 1366 x 768 display option (Engadget)

Jul 9th 2009 7:44PM How is OS X compatibility on this? I was going to pickup a Dell Mini 9, but the specs here are so much better...

CB2 "Child Robot" returns: smarter, creepier than ever (Engadget)

Apr 6th 2009 8:50AM The eyes, the *eyes*...

"Child-robot with Biomimetic Body." Pedophiles rejoice...

Gefen wireless USB hub makes FCC appearance (Engadget)

May 1st 2007 3:52PM Is wireless USB going to be just like Bluetooth: unreliable and plagued with interoperability issues (since everyone wants to put their own spin on the spec)?

How-to: Make a PS360 controller (Engadget)

May 1st 2007 3:50PM Christ Almighty! This is NOT an easy mod, especially if you have other things to do. I'll say this much: the PS3 controll looks much more elaborate than the 360's.

At least I know what I'm up against when I open this damaged 360 controller here...

If you shoved a giant TV through a wall ... you might be a redneck (Joystiq)

Apr 13th 2007 4:54PM "We hold these things to be self-evident: That cutting a giant hole in your living room's wall, to flush-mount a rear projection TV, and ruining a whole other room in the process, is the height of idiocracy."

Note the door coming right up against the back of the TV. There's no concealing it behind a cabinet of some sort. That fool's property values fell through the floor the minute he started cutting...

Intel's Crestline integrated graphics to run DirectX 10 (Engadget)

Feb 24th 2007 9:00PM Year-year US PC game sales:

* 1998 - $1.7 billion
* 1999 - $1.9 billion
* 2000 - $1.78 billion (84.9 million units)
* 2001 - $1.75 billion (83.6 million units)
* 2002 - $1.4 billion (61.5 million units)
* 2003 - $1.2 billion (52.8 million units)
* 2004 - $1.1 billion (45 million units)
* 2005 - $953 million (38 million) [5] + $344 million digital sales [6]
* 2006 - $970 million [7]

Source: "Decline of PC game sales in the US" - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decline_of_PC_game_sales_in_the_US

Only male, dork, losers, that still live in their parents' basements, still have the desire or ability to invest the money required to pursue a hobby with such a high cost:benefit ratio. It's not rich people. Rich people don't play games on their PCs.

I see your sort with my own eyes all the time: you're a bunch of freaks. In the last 2 years or so, I've not met a SINGLE PC gamer that wasn't a weirdo in some way.

Microsoft slapped with patent madness, what's next? (Download Squad)

Feb 24th 2007 8:43PM Where does it lead us? To the end of the world as we know it? If so, it can't happen soon enough.

I can think of nothing more just than THE modern system of government and commerce crashing down as a direct consequence of its own greed, lust for power, and pride. Yay!

Sony jumps into HD video editing with Vaio VGC-RM1 (Engadget)

Feb 23rd 2007 7:30AM Does it come with a pro-level Non-Linear Editor that does MPEG 4? No? Well then WTF is the point? What idiot chooses Sony-branded crap over commodity hardware, when the latter can be had for a fraction less, and the former offers no additional benefits?