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The Engadget Show Live! with Peter Molyneux, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry Torch, and more! (Engadget)

Aug 5th 2010 5:32PM @ExpectAFight We're on the same vibe man. I mean, I don't like talking like this because I know the 8-bit folks work hard at what they do, but I've been to six of em and it just seems like this is an opportunity to have a bunch of gadget nerds getting HYPED. I mean, if they did a version of the Legend of Zelda that was funky, I could see everybody (me included).... standing ovation.

You know it's bad when Josh has to say, "Don't be rude - stay and watch."

The Engadget Show Live! with Peter Molyneux, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry Torch, and more! (Engadget)

Aug 4th 2010 9:31PM Get someone like the Minibosses or Press Play on Tape to do a tribute to some classic Commodore 64 or NES game. (Just a thought.)

The Engadget Show Live! with Peter Molyneux, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry Torch, and more! (Engadget)

Aug 4th 2010 9:29PM OK - constructive criticism. I think we all like 8-bit tunes. But wouldn't it be great (invoking my Steve Jobs) if the songs were stuff we recognized. 8-bit is abstract enough. Why not do an 8-bit tribute to Mega Man or to Zelda or, hell, I dunno.... Castlevania. My point is that it's cool to have 8-bit, but I feel like the musicians can just be anywhere and the video can play. I'm sure it takes talent. But most of the time it looks like one guy turning dials at random to control a screen saver and another listening to his iPod while playing his 1st Gen GameBoy (and grooving out waaaaay too hard. And yes -- I saw the Engadget Show on how they create the music.)

How would you change HTC's EVO 4G? (Engadget)

Jul 24th 2010 1:41AM @GoTigers This sounds kinda like I'm riding the fence, but after all the 30 days of EVO testing and now ending up with the Droid X, you really can't go wrong with either phone. If I'd have kept the EVO, there would have always been this mystery about how much better the Droid would be. Beneath it all are two phones running Android 2.1. I think the best advice I can give is to go with the mobile provider who has the best coverage and just use that 30 days wisely. Don't port your number or anything until you are SURE!! Then at the end of 10-25 days, if you're happy, stick with it. That said, I do feel that the Droid feels much nicer in my hand, the speed of the UI feels faster and more responsive. But aside from that, everything else is similar. The front facing camera I bet nobody will use (until better apps than Qik are released) and 4G is still building out.) The camera, battery life, screen quality, call quality and many other features were the same or marginally better on one device. Go into the Sprint store and then into the Verizon store. Play with each. The form factors are what you should look at. Also it depends on what device you're coming from. Some people just don't want the hassle of the management of the device that comes with owning ANY Android device. I'm enjoying it.

If anyone gets, say, a Droid X and hates it, I doubt they would like the EVO either. The phones are similar. It's the small nuances that will be the deciding factor like carrier coverage in your area, aesthetic design and what appeals to you, whether you need the extra Droid X speed and other minor factors.

How would you change HTC's EVO 4G? (Engadget)

Jul 24th 2010 12:01AM I owned the EVO for the trial period with Sprint. Now I own a Droid X. Honestly, the EVO's battery is no worse than the Droid's. But I think they should take a page out of a book from the past. Instead of making a removable back case, make the entire back of the device one huge, non-replaceable battery. Reading all of the comments on different forums it seems like everyone is trying to trade off between functionality and saving battery life.

Also, put some sort of Invisible Shield or coating on the lens on the rear or at least make it recessed. I had it for only 30 days and it still had a scratch or two on the lens.

It's embarrassing how well this phone is doing versus the poor accessory support from HTC and Sprint. Stop making crap cases. There are enough cheap eBay companies making that stuff. Make a premium dock and a premium case.

I saw the video where Android Central put the phone against the Nexus One and Droid X. With the same processor as the Nexus One, , (even though the Nexus One was running Froyo) no REASON why the phone should have performed that poorly. They're gimping the processor in more ways than just the 30 FPS. Using the Droid, you can feel the speed difference. Not knocking the phone, but I really wish it performed like a 1Ghz Snapdragon processor based phone.

Other than this, I think it's a pretty well designed device. Sense isn't great, but a lot better than the Blur-based UI on the Droid. Sense is easily removable -- not worth whining over. Hardcore gadget nerds like us will remove it.... and the general populous that I saw buying the phone will probably end up using whatever the OEM gives them. So leave Sense on the phone.

Barnes & Noble looks to lock down e-book delivery for education with Nook Study (Engadget)

Jul 12th 2010 12:19PM @TareG Exactly the same thing I was wondering.... It's nice to have digital books for students and all, but.....what....is....that...device?!!

HP CEO: "We didn't buy Palm to be in the smartphone business" (Engadget)

Jun 2nd 2010 7:52PM No wonder Matias Duarte left. Makes so much sense now. Wow Palm people. I don't even know what to say. Honestly, I don't see any reason why anyone should recommend another Palm phone. Why invest time learning an OS where there's no future devices announced?

Sprint's HTC EVO 4G put through its bandwidth-sucking paces (Engadget)

May 12th 2010 8:50PM OK - so you were tethering. Find out how much more it will be to tether - 4G or otherwise. That could be the magic word to make me jump.

Engadget Podcast 195 - 05.07.2010 (Engadget)

May 7th 2010 11:22PM Josh - take him up on that bet. Go with your gut. Pick a hard number (say, 100K phones sold by August 2010) and take some of his trust fund. Then YOU can be an investor in gdgt too.

Did he just say that the initial 2007 iPhone experience wasn't compelling because he couldn't use Exchange?? 10-to-1 that the phone he has ringing in the back is a POTS line. Out. of. touch.

Engadget Podcast 195 - 05.07.2010 (Engadget)

May 7th 2010 11:04PM @busdriver71 This explains a lot. I actually HOPE he's on the take for Microsoft because if he was serious, he's no tech analyst. (And I'm not preaching doom and gloom on these phones. I just think he had arguments that were so weak they forced me to stop the podcast and replay it again to make sure I heard him correctly.