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Guild Wars 2's Eric Flannum on promises, pets and purpose [Updated] (Massively)

Jun 10th 2011 11:00PM I seriously would drop a huge load of cash right now just to play in alpha, this game already has my money, it's gonig to drive me crazy waiting for it.

E3 2011: EA's Origin teases the SWTOR E3 trailer [Updated] (Massively)

Jun 6th 2011 4:45PM Too bad the game will look nothing like this, quite a shame Blur doesn't develop games, but the masses are too stupid to realize this is just a trailer and the in-game graphics are crap in comparison, so it will still sell millions.

Free Realms makes your world on PS3! (Massively)

Mar 29th 2011 8:10PM To celebrate Free Realms latest update will include over 150 more Station Cash shop items, and not a single update to the actual content or world in the game.

En Masse discusses TERA westernization (Massively)

Jan 19th 2011 12:41AM @Joystiq Login Bugs SUCK

Indeed it is. Hopefully that will be one thing the Westernization removes, otherwise instead of gameplay talk, all the forums will be flooded with is the upskirt controversy.

Don't panic -- Massively's getting a makeover! [Update #5] (Massively)

Nov 22nd 2010 6:07PM I hope the website looks nothing like Joystiq. I can't stand to visit that garish looking website, and this site having a similar design could very easily turn me off visiting in the future.

The Daily Grind: What do you think about experience scrolls? (Massively)

Nov 22nd 2010 8:38AM Pan, you said it best. If a game has to entice players to play by selling cheat items to help you quickly level your character, there is something wrong with your game.

It's the same with consumables and useful gear. I won't play any game that offers a pay-to-win strategy in a game.

G-Star 2010: Bluehole shows off new TERA trailer (Massively)

Nov 17th 2010 9:13AM Just be happy they can jump, unlike a crap game that came out of Japan called Final Fantasy XIV.

Hands-on with Rift: Planes of Telara at Gamer Day II (Massively)

Nov 16th 2010 12:43PM Or just a start of beta date! I got a VIP beta key and am drolling in anticipation to be able to play this game for the first time. If it has half the polish the media are claiming it does, this will easily tide me over till GW2, and I'll probably stay a subscriber based on what I have read and understand.

Android client for Pocket Legends enters beta (Massively)

Nov 12th 2010 12:33PM Wish I had room on my phone for this game, but 26mb is too much, and unfortunately my phone only has Android 2.1

Zynga passes EA in estimated worth rankings (Massively)

Nov 1st 2010 8:12PM Why would Zynga care if Facebook closed them out? Zynga is a big enough name now that they could very easily start their own social network with very little loss. Or they could also make a deal with Yahoo or Google to host their games, which could potentially damage Facebook as we know it.