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Skype 5.0 Beta now available for Mac, with group video calling and Address Book support (Download Squad)

Nov 4th 2010 3:19PM hey downloadsquad, how about a post on the most important skype plugs and hacks?

Google Street View removes images of secret UK sites (Download Squad)

Mar 22nd 2010 12:40PM there is a difference between walking around and taking photographs: convenience. its similar to securing a bike with a chain. of course one cannot secure a bike with a chain firmly, it's easy to open up a chain with a bolt-clipper, but its not as convenient.

Google launches universal translation tool for web publishers (Download Squad)

Oct 2nd 2009 2:20AM machine translation's reputation is based mainly on the fact that most people do not speak one of the two languages. i.e. the german in your screenshot is total garbage. one can easily make a whole language course laugh, when presenting them with google translation. there are other services around that include human review. worth an article on downloadsquad?

Twitpocalypse II: arriving tomorrow morning (Download Squad)

Sep 22nd 2009 3:47AM i love to watch evolutional processes in the internet als well :-)

Control your Mac or PC using Twitter (Download Squad)

Sep 9th 2009 3:12PM this seems to be for those who are total twitter-nerds. all others may consider VNC. btw: will the computer direct message me after having performed the task? i.e. as follows: "i shut down a second ago". ...

CuteCanonCapture enables hands-free photography via a USB cable (Download Squad)

Aug 5th 2009 3:26AM there's a freeware for mac os-x: and a program called nikon camera control.

Are these the first images of Google Chrome OS? (Download Squad)

Jul 30th 2009 12:10PM could be true, 'cause it looks as bad designed as other google products.

Skype 2.8 Gold for Mac adds screen sharing and more (Download Squad)

Jul 22nd 2009 4:56PM skype 2.8 is constantly crashing while trying to log in ...

Open Atrium: customizable, open-source team portal (Download Squad)

Jul 15th 2009 4:00PM great! why not set up a list of this group of tools? some others were featured earier on downloadsquad ...

Flip your screen and touchpad from landscape to protrait with EeeRotate (Download Squad)

May 21st 2009 3:04AM are there similr solutions for mac os x?