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Rumormill: Volkswagen greenlights Bulli for production (Autoblog)

Mar 11th 2011 1:33AM Actually, it's the perfect size and cool-factor if Volkswagen wants to send this off to the US to fight against cars like the Kia Soul, Scion xB, MINI Clubman, etc. And I'm pretty sure that is exactly what they're going for here.

That said, their entire van line-up is about ready for new generations in the next couple years. Europe will be getting a new Transporter generation soon, and the US will probably get a new minivan built at the new Tennessee factory to replace the crappy Chrysler rebadge. I'd like to imagine a case where the Bulli is a hit and spawns a proper 9-passenger Transporter-based Microbus, but with two new lines of full-size vans, I don't imagine much room for a proper Microbus.

So, I'll take the Bulli if they bring it.

CEC announces Lexus LFA customization program (Autoblog)

Jan 29th 2011 11:07PM Will Lexus and CEC allow one to customize the LFA into an actual supercar?

CyanogenMod 7 is testing in the wild, bringing Gingerbread to 14 more Android devices (Download Squad)

Jan 20th 2011 6:42PM @Martin H. Hamstad You think numbers are *less* geeky than names? So you're telling me that to the non-geek, saying "Gingerbread is the latest Android version, and Honeycomb is coming soon for tablets" is more confusing than saying "2.3 is the latest Android version and 3.0 is coming soon for tablets".

Starbucks Card app now available for Android, too -- unofficially (Download Squad)

Jan 19th 2011 7:41PM What a misleading article title! :\

I'm growing quite weary of the Starbucks-Apple love affair. Kicking out T-Mobile in favor of AT&T; iTunes cards; in-store playlists readable in iOS devices only; iOS apps... the list goes on. Meanwhile, the "port the apps to Android" threads at MyStarbucksIdea.com (where they solicit customer feedback) are active and numerous.

Review: 2011 Honda Odyssey (Autoblog)

Jan 19th 2011 12:28AM Wow! Easily the most exciting, inspired design to come out of Honda in recent years. Which, of course says more about the crap that they've been churning out lately than the minivan's design itself.

2012 Volkswagen Passat is German bred, Chattanooga born [w/video] (Autoblog)

Jan 9th 2011 10:31PM Least surprising reveal ever! The new Jetta and Passat are pretty boring, but it's not like they ever got any automotive enthusiast's blood pumping in the first place. Now, if we have the new boring/profitable iterations to thank for the Golf R coming to the US, then that's a trade-off I'm happy with.

App Launcher for Chrome is like a start menu for Web Store apps (Download Squad)

Dec 22nd 2010 10:32PM @William Aleman My thoughts exactly. Having to open a new tab in order to get to a web app on a regular laptop is not a big deal, but with the rest of the OS stripped out and no browser window to minimize, having to open a new tab on the Cr-48 to run its de facto software has been one of my gripes. This little 'start menu' has effectively solved that gripe!

Video: 2012 Volkswagen Beetle caught making the rounds (Autoblog)

Dec 4th 2010 2:07PM I've owned two New Beetles, and I can say that this is closer to what the car should have looked like in the first place and I think it's more in line with what the Beetle might have looked like if it continuously updated from the 1970s through today instead of being in the time bubble it was in until it ceased production a few years ago.

Report: VW design chief says new Microbus is in the cards (Autoblog)

Nov 21st 2010 11:14AM The New Beetle hasn't gotten the axe; in fact, its first proper redesign hits next year as a 2012 model.

Report: VW design chief says new Microbus is in the cards (Autoblog)

Nov 21st 2010 10:34AM I doubt we're ever going to something like the 2001 Microbus concept (that ship has sailed). More likely, the T6 Transporter will be called the Microbus, and probably only in the US. The next Transporter generation will probably hit just after VW manages to dump the last of the ill-conceived Routans and once again finds itself with a people-mover gap in their lineup.