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RocketOn: what fresh hell is this? (Download Squad)

Jun 27th 2008 4:35PM What the world needs are innovators and disruptors, not conformers.

I’ve been away from home and my dad told me about rocketon. I got into the alpha, chatted with my dad and we went around the internet together, looked at some family photos and a new tractor that he's drooling over on some site. I haven’t seen my dad in a while and it was fun to go on this trip with him. Then my mom got on and she showed me what she was going to buy my dad on amazon for his b-day. I thought it was really powerful to be able to do that.

I’ve got millions of social network friends, yet I don’t really know any of them. For some reason, they are compelled to update me on everything in their lives, as if this is meaningful or useful. I don’t care. My “real” friends don’t do that so why do my virtual ones do it? And then there’s twitterfication – my gf tells me everything she is doing. I don’t care BUT I have to waste time by reading and replying.

I found it empowering to invite others to visit my facebook page, then have them show up right on top of my profile. It wasn’t fun when they started mocking me but that’s neither here nor there. The point is that I was able to bring users to my page and interact with them over my content. That is revolutionary. And, unlike all of the sites that tout user generated content, for rocketon the user-generated content can be whats already on the web.

There is a place for social networks, virtual worlds, twitters – and rocketon too. At least rocketon is fun.