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Cadillac cologne, for the scent of . . . bankruptcy? (DailyFinance)

Jul 24th 2009 8:30AM just another typical gm beauracracy. they cant sell cars now they want you to obuy perfume i say, clean up the stinky mess you made and sweetin' the deals you made with loyal gm customers. i for one am not one screw you gm i hope you all die in your filthy wealth

GM's accelerated bankruptcy ends: Was it long enough? (DailyFinance)

Jul 11th 2009 9:38AM i own a piece of gm junk with 60000 miles i will never buy another gm product im lookin for a toyota tundra right now. the fact that gm canjust run away from their problems and get 50bil from the taxpapyers is totally wrong. we need someone to stand up and form a coalation against the govt. and run these assholes right out of office. america we are going chinese ......SOON

Microsoft extends Windows XP lifespan through 2011 (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2009 7:51AM i asked to downgrade my vista laptop to windows and they said it would null my warrantyon my lap top sooooooooooooooooooooo i dont use it i willwait till windows 7 comes out and if they have problems with that im switching to a mac

Can we get a return on our $50 billion GM investment? (DailyFinance)

Jun 3rd 2009 8:32AM the cost of medical didnt rise because of the uaw. the cost of stamps didn't go up because of the uaw. the interest rates of your credit cards didn't go up because of the uaw. the housing market didn't go down because of the uaw. the price of gas didn't rise because of the uaw. the cost of living didn't go up because of the uaw. get real people, we are on our way out. learn your chinese, russian, mexican we are going socialist

Can we get a return on our $50 billion GM investment? (DailyFinance)

Jun 3rd 2009 8:23AM i worked for gm for 30 yrs this hype of 78 to 96 dollars an hour is BS. i made good money and i worked hard for it. i wasn't a drunk or on drugs. you want to complain about unions then go to the hospitals and the post office. i don't see the cost of medical goin down or the cost of stamps costing less. get a real life morons. unions will always be around unless you want to work at walmart. pftttttttttttttttttttt

The Top Five E-Mail Scams (5) (Switched)

Jun 23rd 2008 10:11AM i get one for aol account needs updating but i dont have aol and when i reply no such recipient