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Editor helps you out where spell check fails, and it now supports Word (Download Squad)

Aug 3rd 2010 12:05PM Just to note that a "cold glass of water" makes as much sense as the suggested wording. The glass can be cold, the water can be cold, or both of them can be cold.

Which Loads Faster tells you, well, you know (Download Squad)

Jul 26th 2010 12:50AM This could be useful/fun for geeks, but in the real world, all that matters is: Did the site load quickly, or did I have to wait for it?

When users have to wait for a site more than a couple of times, they simply quit going to that site....

Four visual tab switching options for Google Chrome (Download Squad)

Jul 25th 2010 12:50AM Tabs Preview looks nice so far; though I rarely have more than about six tabs open at any time...

Tab Candy for Firefox goes alpha, revolutionizes tabbed browsing (Download Squad)

Jul 24th 2010 12:20AM Looks really cool.

But in the end, I should be reading the stuff on the web pages, not dragging thumbnails around in my Tab Candy organizer. It seems like another time waster to me...

Firefox Friday -- "Beta 2 is coming, and it'll break stuff" edition (Download Squad)

Jul 23rd 2010 1:12PM No worries. I always wait a few weeks to update Firefox to the latest version, mainly because of the extensions.

Since extensions are the *only* reason I switched to (and stay with) Firefox in the first place, there's no point in surfing without them. Without extensions, Firefox is no different from most other browsers, at least for me.

Here's a look at Google Chrome's new, simplified menu (Download Squad)

Jun 26th 2010 11:43AM Honestly? I think the newer menu is worse. The first one was bad enough and is now the only reason Chrome isn't my main browser.

(I know, I'm old-fashioned, but) I prefer having a menu. We've trained for more than a decade now to use "file", "edit", "tools", etc. and now apps are moving away from this. They can't give a good reason except "minimalism" or "saving screen real estate."

I thought the entire point of our larger, wider monitors was that we'd have plenty of real estate to begin with. I wouldn't mind a roll-up or hideaway menu, but I *do* want a menu.

Here's a perfect example of why Windows Update's forced reboots suck (Download Squad)

Jun 24th 2010 11:47PM No operating system should ever reboot without explicit permission from the user. Simple as that.

(Happy user of XP)

Google sneaks internal PDF reader into Chrome dev channel release (Download Squad)

Jun 18th 2010 12:21AM I'm waiting for Chrome to give me the choice as to how to open PDF files. Currently, it defaults to Adobe, even though another app is my default PDF reader. In other browsers, I'm given a choice. With Chrome, I have to remember to download and save the PDF first, so I can open it in my preferred reader... It's frustrating.

Nudge, nudge! Facebook wants to be your homepage (Download Squad)

May 5th 2010 11:52AM Sadly, sites only do this because so many users don't know they can set their own home pages to whatever they want. And half the people who click that button don't even know what "home page" means.

I was on FB for a little while, until I realized it's just a mini-internet with less usefulness than the actual internet. Everything that can be done on FB can be done easier, better, and faster by using the actual internet, and without limiting oneself to a single site.

Where did Google Chrome's pinned tabs go? (Download Squad)

Feb 5th 2010 9:42AM I never figured out what "pin tab" was for, anyway. You "pin" a tab, and all it did was move it to the left... I could have done that without a "pin tab" feature... It's easy to see why they got rid of it.