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Find My iPhone (or iPad, or iPod touch) is now free (Download Squad)

Nov 23rd 2010 5:09AM For an iPhone 3GS running iOS 4.2, this service is only available for free if you first register with an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.
On its own, the 3GS isn't legible for the free service.

Four ways to start torrent downloads remotely (Download Squad)

Apr 20th 2009 10:46AM requires registration. If you don't want that, you can use a free Windows utility called DynamicIP.
It checks the system's IP address for changes, and sends an update to AND/ OR your email AND/ OR an FTP site of your choosing.
I chose to get email notifications, set up the whole thing in 5 mins and have been using the whole thing without a problem for the last 10 months.

Could the future of Firefox be a browser without tabs? (Download Squad)

Apr 14th 2009 6:08PM The nightly builds for FF have added an interesting and relevant feature.
The tab list button (click to show a drop down text menu of open tabs) has been replaced by a tab button (click to show a visual preview - selector of open tabs, much like you see in the picture).
AND there's a search function for page title text.
Now, if I could move that tab button on the Navigation bar, I'd ditch the tab bar altogether.
As for performance, there doesn't seem to be an issue. I'm using FF 3.6a1pre on an Acer Aspire 110 without a hitch.

Firefox 3 vulnerability, 8 million people affected! (Download Squad)

Jun 20th 2008 1:39PM "8 million people affected!"
So, by your account, you get affected by a vulnerability just by it existing. You know, without anything happening to your system.
Just be more careful in your phrasing next time, huh?