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6 very stupid things to do if you've just stolen a laptop (Download Squad)

Feb 20th 2009 12:49PM Amazing that this idiot was able to operate a computer at all.

Windows 7 's quieter UAC a security risk? Of course it is. (Download Squad)

Jan 30th 2009 7:04PM I used Vista for the first time after having been a Linux user for quite a while. I didn't find the UAC much more intrusive than the prompting for the root password I was used to on my Linux machines. I found it much more reassuring than installing stuff on Windows XP without and sort of security notification.

Sitemeter bug takes down thousands of web sites (for Internet Explorer users) (Download Squad)

Aug 2nd 2008 11:10AM Can we infer from this that the sitemeter coders use Firefox?

Flipping the Linux switch: Linux web tools, Pt. 2 - Using LAMP for testing (Download Squad)

Jun 15th 2008 10:16AM Thanks for the very clear tutorial. I had been planning on doing this for a while for my Ubuntu box, so I could test some changes I wanted to make to a theme for my Wordpress blog, and your howto made it very painless.