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Judge rules that circumventing DRM is not illegal (Download Squad)

Jul 26th 2010 8:44AM It never was illegal, if you actually ever read the US Code, Title 17 Chapter 12 (f)

(f) Reverse Engineering. — (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (a)(1)(A), a person who has lawfully obtained the right to use a copy of a computer program may circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a particular portion of that program for the sole purpose of identifying and analyzing those elements of the program that are necessary to achieve interoperability of an independently created computer program with other programs, and that have not previously been readily available to the person engaging in the circumvention, to the extent any such acts of identification and analysis do not constitute infringement under this title.

Engadget's recession antidote: Win a Microsoft PC Gaming Pack! (Engadget)

Apr 1st 2009 12:16PM this is relevant to my interests

T-Mobile brings $50 unlimited voice plan to rest of America (Engadget)

Mar 3rd 2009 2:55AM lol, this is not nice

I pay $10 dollars/months of UNLIMITED CALLING to like 80 COUNTRIES around the world.

Why is $50 a month to phones in ONE country a good deal?

Orange becoming first in Europe with LG's G910 Watch Phone (Engadget)

Feb 16th 2009 3:25PM ALL ABOUT FINNSCHE FOR FUTURE EMPLOYERS (the girls start appearing on page 2) (blogs, profiles about 3D texturing, other stuff)

Engadget's recession antidote: win a Pentax E60! (Engadget)

Feb 5th 2009 10:11PM Congratulations Engadget on creating your most commented article ever! Email me

Microsoft Surface being used to coordinate Super Bowl security (Engadget)

Jan 30th 2009 8:20PM is that a picture of superbowl security?

brb, church.

Samsung's 4Gb chip promises 32GB DDR3 memory modules for PCs and laptops (Engadget)

Jan 30th 2009 8:17PM SWEET! this will make my 12GB of DDR3 OCZ RAM be like $20 by the time I have enough money to buy it at current price.


Texas Instruments unleashes pico projector dev kit on the world (Engadget)

Jan 30th 2009 8:14PM OHHH its photoshopped, okay I'm glad someone told me.

GigaPan Epic imager released, your party photos will never be the same (Engadget)

Jan 30th 2009 8:13PM yeahhhh, MOST new point and shoots, at least the one engadget covers, have more megapixels than DSLRs. Considering most DSLRs are 10-12mp while only a small fraction are 21mp and then the hassablads and other production devices (or brains) capable of producing larger images.

India's $10 laptop coming February 3rd, take that Negroponte (Engadget)

Jan 30th 2009 8:09PM After shelling out 613 caps just to buy the schematics.