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From Silence to Outrage, Republicans React to Nobel News (Politics Daily)

Oct 10th 2009 8:30PM It is usual for one to receive a prestigious award for a lifetime of achievement or for a singularly important contribution. Were I to advise Mr. Obama, I would suggest to him that he would be far better served by not accepting this "prize". He should be gracious in declining it, as I am sure he can be. He would achieve a far more statesmanlike persona this way, and he would be a more respected leader at home and abroad. His current advisors are diminishing him and the Presidency. Who knows the real motivation for this award - one can speculate all over the place - but a real leader must show that he is above this sort of pettiness. After all, he is the President of the United States. We need him to be successful on the world stage.

Windows 7 upgraders guide: The simple version (Download Squad)

Aug 12th 2009 11:04PM Few thoughts:
First, I am extremely happy with Vista SP2 and really do not feel the need for 7.
Second, when you purchase a new PC, you are screwed by the manufacturer in concert with MS since you do not get the true OS.
Third, when you get into trouble you must reinstall using the full retail OS and not the recovery version supplied by the manufacturer, unless you want to start all over.
Fourth, you have to reinstall virtually all your software including that which came with the PC, but they may not be available (the "installation files").
Fifth, do not minimize this effort which includes myriad updates,etc. And what if you do not have broadband.
Sixth, why do you need to reinstall software when it is already on your system in the Windows.old folder! This is obviously deliberate MS strategy.
Seventh, why can you not upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit. Again this is obviously deliberate MS strategy. For example, I am stuck with the 32 bit Vista Ultimate version and can't upgrade without trashing everything?!
Eighth, why did not HP tell me this since the hardware is 64 bit and it came with 4 GB of Ram, all of which is not recognized.
Ninth, since I am, and would have been, "happy" to pay for the 64 bit (includes 32 bit) retail version of Ultimate (Vista and/or 7), why is this prevented by MS. Why cannot I simply install the 64 bit version and have the 32 bit version appear as Windows.old folder as before. Again this is obviously deliberate MS strategy.
Tenth, it seems obvious to me that MS and the manufacturers are counting on the ignorance of the general computer public and preying upon their "customers".

Companies that vanished: E.F. Hutton -- who's listening now? (BloggingStocks)

Jun 6th 2008 2:14PM I was corp exec thru EFH demise. I loved working there, especially the people who were extremely honest and competent. To this day I wish I could reassociate with these outstanding individuals. And by the way, contrary to the press, there were no illegal activities. Shearson was a preditor who destroyed EFH. Someone needs to set the record straight.