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HTC Hero caught running Android 2.1? (Engadget)

Nov 30th 2009 6:39AM Android 2.0 (Eclair) is now available for the HTC Hero.

Lox_Dev has released a Beta of it and it runs beautifully on my Hero:

After installing you'll need to run these commands to get the Google apps running on your AOSP build:

HTC Hero / Eris mega faceoff on video (Engadget)

Nov 6th 2009 7:41PM The Hero pictured here is obviously an original without the 1.6 firmware installed as the clock is still cycling the numbers every time you switch scenes.

Paul you should install the MoDaCo Rom on the Hero as it makes it fly in comparison with the original stock firmware.

HTC Hero on sale tomorrow at Orange UK (Engadget)

Jul 21st 2009 4:53PM Ordered it through upgrades.

Free phone as well so working out pretty cheap

HTC Hero on sale tomorrow at Orange UK (Engadget)

Jul 21st 2009 4:09PM Got mine ordered today.

Got it on a 12 month contract at £30 a month plus £5 for the data addon.

Will be here tomorrow between 9 and 6

100 Toluu invites: Discover RSS feeds the easy way (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2008 10:12AM Send me one please

Flipping the Linux switch: Linux web tools, Pt. 2 - Using LAMP for testing (Download Squad)

Jun 13th 2008 11:33AM What permissions do I need to give to the directory for it to play nice in Ubuntu with just a regular user?