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Discover Financial Services: Buy or Sell the Q2 Numbers? (BloggingStocks)

Jun 25th 2010 10:27AM It's the same number as last year, in a better environment. Economy is slowwing so it can only get worse.

Administration Considers Federal Ban on Texting While Driving (Politics Daily)

Jan 18th 2010 7:25PM Glad they got their priorities straight. Wait, where are the jobs?

EC gives two fingers to Microsoft's browser-free Windows 7 (Download Squad)

Jun 12th 2009 11:38AM Morons, first they cry because Microsoft included it.

10 iGoogle themes that actually look good (Download Squad)

May 22nd 2009 11:26AM Google has an official one called JR that is the shit.

$399 Dell Inspiron 15 makes the scene (Engadget)

May 13th 2009 5:37PM I've a a Celeron Laptop and it is miles better than a Pentium 4. Well, the new Core based Celerons anyway. This would be great, just too heavy though.

Can't wait for the first $400 DVD burning nonAtom 4lb notebook.

Snow Leopard screenshots emerge, reveal Web App functionality (Engadget)

Jun 21st 2008 10:54PM Let's get the ball rolling!

See, this is what the private industry (Apple vs Mozilla) and competition (Apple vs Microsoft)can bring