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9 ways ColdFusion 8 will rule web development (Download Squad)

May 9th 2008 10:54AM Coldfusion is the best, why do people not like it? Because they have paid to go on microsoft courses and now realise that they screwed up when the coldfusion developer did the work three months ago and they are still messing around with the basics!! coldfusion 8 does everything except for make your coffee-that is coming in coldfusion 9 a new tag called cf_starbucks that email`s starbucks and they send you your coffee to your home. If you are a webdeveloper do yourself a favour and learn coldfusion and start making more money in less time with sick features like inbuilt ajax.
Adobe is the new owner of cf and did OK with photoshop and flash and dreamweaver so get with it luddites.