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Torchlight 2 still scheduled for late 2011 (barring death or illness) (Joystiq)

Oct 20th 2011 12:45PM They are going to announce a release date when Diablo 3's release date is announced at blizzcon...

PSA: Rage is ready for pre-load on Steam right now (Joystiq)

Oct 3rd 2011 9:56AM @Steel Toad

Meh. I had a 10MB HDD on a 8086 IBM. I was 9, my mother worked for an accountant, he was going to throw it away, and I asked him if I could have it. He gave it to me and told me if I fixed it I could keep it.

I did fix it. It had a bad power supply. My dad helped me fix it and that was one of my 1st computers...

It is ironic because that accountant would buy those computers for $8K a piece...

PSA: Rage is ready for pre-load on Steam right now (Joystiq)

Oct 3rd 2011 9:54AM @parsek per: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rage_(video_game):

Rage has two multiplayer modes: Combat Rally and Legends of the Wasteland. In Combat Rally, up to six players compete in a free-for-all match that takes place in an arena designed to make use of the vehicles. The objective is to collect rally points that appear around the arena while killing your opponents and stealing their points. Legends of the Wasteland is a series of two-player bonus co-op missions based on stories that you hear about as you play the single player campaign.

WhileI look forward to playing the game coop with another friend, im not holding my breath.

PSA: Rage is ready for pre-load on Steam right now (Joystiq)

Oct 3rd 2011 9:30AM @ChaosBladez


PSA: Rage is ready for pre-load on Steam right now (Joystiq)

Oct 3rd 2011 9:29AM @Special Agent Steve

eh you mean dual processors... dual core cpu's is actually new technology...

PSA: Rage is ready for pre-load on Steam right now (Joystiq)

Oct 3rd 2011 9:28AM @Fugaku

Here is a Review. I went to QuakeCon this year. They had 50 consoles with Rage. My GF and I had to wait 2hrs to get to play the demo. It is that good.

Rage walkthrough explores the murderous mysteries of Jackal Canyon (Joystiq)

Sep 30th 2011 3:53AM I had the opportunity to play the demo of the game in QuakeCon this year and while most of the test beds were in Xbox360, I have to say the quality of the gameplay was amazing. Even in the Xbox360 the game looked amazing. The engine is really polished and it could be a contender to UDK quite frankly.

If Rage is a Generation 1 game of the Tech 5 engine, imagine what other games can be made that push the envelope into even more amazing looking video games.

Like many others, Tuesday cant get here any quicker.

The three terrifying minutes that created The Gunstringer (Joystiq)

Sep 27th 2011 10:06AM Another story where Lying and Cheating, make you winners... and I'm all for that...

Populous and Ultima IV hit GOG -- and Ultima's free (Joystiq)

Sep 2nd 2011 7:54AM @Destati you dont seem to have played Populous then, I played that on an Apple IIe without a mouse.

Walmart 'rollback' of Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle to $249 an error, will honor sale this week (Joystiq)

Aug 29th 2011 11:56AM @papershadow Ohhhh I didnt know you could use the Transfer cable.... wicked... I got that cable so I guess ill put it back on my Xmas Shopping List =)