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Dogpile on Microsoft! Adobe, IBM, Oracle join EU anti-trust case (Download Squad)

Apr 17th 2009 7:11PM Adobe? Real? Does anybody see the irony in this? How can these two companies really paint MS as anti-competitive and monopolistic? Adobe has loosened the reins a bit, but still makes it difficult to make (not read, so much) PDFs, which were supposed to be a big standard. You know, PORTABLE document format. Real has, luckily, shot itself in the foot so many times that even good, tried-and-true methods of locking out competitors hasn't made them the big-boys they so want to be, but their formats get used and have been a pain in the posterior for ages. Their ownership of Shockwave and Flash has made things even worse. So they want to join this fight against MS? Get real!

CraigsList Reader makes searching Craiglist (even more) simple (Download Squad)

Feb 21st 2009 2:43PM I rarely download utilities from strangers anymore (though getting a good mention on DLS calms the qualms a little). In this case, there's no need; I use Since it began some time back, it has become a little flashier, but it's a great site for searching multiple CL cities at the same time.

Evolution email/PIM suite ported to Windows (Download Squad)

Oct 10th 2008 8:39PM I'll give Evolution another look, but the recent version didn't impress me. At home, I use Thunderbird (on Linux) and at the office I use Outlook (on XP). Frankly, I like the layout and function of Outlook overall and it works very well 95% of the time. Thunderbird works all the time, but just doesn't have all that Outlook does, even with a vibrant plug-in community. I use TB at home with the Webmail plug-in so I can get all of my email sans browser. Outlook, of course, can't do that. {I had someone point out a plug-in that makes TB ~look~ like Outlook. Not very helpful since it's the function I'm after.}

If Outlook were open-source, adhered to open standards, and had a productive plug-in community, TB and Evolution would have serious trouble competing. Actually, it might not even need to be open source. And, if 'ifs' were money, I'd be rich.

How to do a global search in Craigslist (Download Squad)

Jul 26th 2008 8:10PM I love Google and how powerful it can be, but sometimes there is a better way. I use Craig's Helper ( You can search just like you're used to in Craig's List, but with the added bonus of searching various regions/countries. More powerful search tools are also used such as include or not include certain words or phrases. The resulting list is organized by city (or country in some cases). I found this a long time ago and it was great, then the owner made some changes that gave me ideas, so i offered up my suggestions. I'm proud to say that I ended up helping a little bit in making those additions. Now, he's added even more power to it. Just a great, useful, site and much easier than this Google method.

Meebone beta brings Meebo to your desktop (Download Squad)

Jul 15th 2008 7:54PM This could be pretty cool. We might be adopting Meebo as a way for some of our staff to connect with our patrons since it gives us all of our IM IDs (I've set us up with most of that majors). But I get a little bummed that you MUST leave that page open, so having this on the desktop could be a bonus, especially when a staffer gets bored and surfs away from meebo... disconnecting from it.

Tiny XP Rev 09: Windows XP with cuise control (Download Squad)

Jun 24th 2008 11:21PM I wonder... would it still be illegal if I use this and put in my own key from my personally owned CD/DVD of Win XP? Think about it... I ~could~ slipstream all of this into my own install disk, making the same thing that's being provided. The only difference is that I'm being saved the trouble by some kind soul who did all that work for me. I guess the Fair Use mavens would have to fight that out.

The Trons: self-playing robot band totally kills our self-esteem (Engadget)

Jun 21st 2008 2:14PM That's pretty good! Maybe now we can get rid of talentless hacks frequently called pop stars and leave room for real musicians (no, I'm not claiming to be one... couldn't if I tried).

Current limitations include plucking the strings (hardest problem), 'sliding' the guitar strings, and brush strokes on the drums and cymbals, but I think these shouldn't be too hard to overcome since they've managed this much so far. Fun!

Is sun tea safe? (That's Fit)

Jun 21st 2008 1:22PM That's true in so far as it goes. BUT, I've seen this happen in my big jug of refrigerated Arizona Green Tea, too. I use this as only an example, not to slight them... I love the stuff! Point is, just be careful how long you keep food and drink, especially when it isn't refrigerated, but even if it is.

Time Waster: Drink beer and throw axes LOTR style (Download Squad)

Jun 19th 2008 11:39PM Having done all three, I can attest to the fact that throwing axes is the hardest. Throwing axes under the influence of beer is the most fun.

So, maybe, throwing virtual axes under the influence of virtual beer while under the influence of real beer would be so much fun my head would explode! Or, I would just feel like it the next morning. I'll have to test this out.

Report says Nextel waived early termination fees for the government (Engadget)

Jun 14th 2008 7:45PM This is not only not news, it isn't even a controversy. It must be a slow news day for whoever started this rolling.

Each contract is individually negotiated. As a single consumer, you don't have much bargaining power. Corporations have more. And the government has even more than that. So, yes, it gets special deals us 'normal' people don't get because it can buy larger over all contracts. Sounds fair to me. Besides, if Nextel (and ALL the others) hadn't been doing this, you and I would be paying those fees. Where do you think that money comes from? The U.S. federal government also stipulates in most of its contracts that the provider (whoever they're buying whatever from) must give it the lowest price they offer. Again, why not? It saves me tax dollars. But it really is mostly about the purchasing power and, by extension, the negotiating power.