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Winamp for Android beta is full-featured and offers wireless media sync (Download Squad)

Oct 26th 2010 12:44AM wait... WinAmp is still around?

I mean, I knew people still used it, but I couldn't believe they still have people developing for them.

Win a Sonos ZoneBridge and ZonePlayer S5 (TUAW.com)

Oct 14th 2010 10:56AM Land of Talk - Swift Coin

Joyswag: Suit up for Monday Night Combat [update: giveaway closed] (Joystiq)

Aug 11th 2010 1:33PM My roommate almost burned down our apartment once because he was cooking bacon... and then forgot about it. Left to go do his laundry.

Joyswag: Get stuck in Limbo [update: giveaway closed] (Joystiq)

Jul 21st 2010 12:46PM Huge, 10-inch tall pile of ants all crawling over one another, when I was like 8.

I almost stepped in it

Joyswag: 1 year of Xbox Live Gold & a pile of XBLA games [update] (Joystiq)

Dec 24th 2009 1:21PM castle crashers rocks so much

Droid Eris turns up in Verizon training course (Engadget)

Oct 27th 2009 6:35PM SENSE UI! YAY

Microsoft retail store opening in AZ copies freely from Apple Stores (TUAW.com)

Oct 24th 2009 5:22PM I agree with @furrylogic. This is probably a good thing. Of course Apple got copied. They get copied by everyone. But that's only after they've copied ideas from everyone else first (and then morphed them into a much better product).

It's not like these are going to hurt sales at Apple stores. Only places like Best Buy (and I almost just said Circuit City... RIP).

Preemptive FAIL : Five easy things Verizon isn't doing to fix Android (Download Squad)

Oct 7th 2009 11:21PM I'm surprised no one has pointed out yet that iPhone debuted with .... zero apps. Nothing. Not a lousy store or a mediocre store or a so-so store, but absolutely no way to add any functional applications to the phone without hacking it.

And ""Getting better" isn't an excuse, and it isn't a solution", after considering Apple's initial fear of third-party applications is an infuriating thought. Is the iPhone's MMS "getting better"? How do you expect a feature to evolve if it doesn't have the goal of "getting better"?

I don't hate the iPhone by any means, and, though I'm thinking about getting an Android phone next, that's only because I would rather gnaw off my own foot than be on AT&T's network. But this post is so aggravatingly inflammatory, I thought I'd chime in.

Win a copy of Things for Mac (TUAW.com)

Sep 2nd 2009 9:30AM I use RTM and iCal, but it's not really working out for me.... Going to try Toodledoo